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There have been some new sadomasochists readers here at the chateau lately, so I figured it would be helpful to acclimate them to the chateau’s delights with links to personal and fan favorite posts. (Plus, I forget what I write about five minutes after I write it, so this is a way for me to explore my mental state at various times this past year.)

My very first post on April 9, 2007: Endless Dating

Not one of my best efforts, but being the first I include it as a matter of curiosity.

The very next two posts happened to be two of my best:

How To Win Back An Ex-Girlfriend

Excerpt From The Book Of Alpha

Check out the comments which are chock full of valuable info.

A funny post that got me a date with a cat fancier: LolCat Game

Me being creative: Profiles in Scintillating Conversation

The scripture of this blog summed up in one post: Truth Day

An attempt to calculate the odds of a girl flaking: Flake Odds Point System

A real life pickup story from the underground biography: The Bachelor Party

Judging a woman by her cover (this post caught the eyes of the Wonkette crew): She Eats Her Peas One At A Time

My most viewed post (must be a lot of Dennis Kucinich fans out there): Dennis Kucinich: Alpha Male

My third most viewed post, and one I had to work hard to collect the data for: A Quick And Dirty Dating Guide To Foreign Girls

Dealing with a girl’s last minute resistance.

I give my future kids the lowdown: An Open Letter To My Hypothetical Future Kids

My thoughts on love and underwear parties.

This post generated a lot of anger and self-serving platitudes: From Kitten To Cougar

I enjoy rubbing the ugly side of life into the faces of the pretty lies crowd.

How bitter woman-hating betas are created.

Omegas and betas welcome their sexbot overlords.

Despite claims that it’s the intelligence and imagination two people bring to bed that makes for better sex, it’s the hotness of the woman that really counts.

Pushing a girl away will trigger her attraction for you.

The many ways to answer a girl when she asks you if you think she’s fat.

Second in a series of my popular girlfriend or fling posts.

My experience with something unnatural: Fake Tits

Getting our terms straight: Defining The Alpha Male and The Alpha Female

My second most viewed post, and one that caused a lot of consternation among lawyers. Again, this information required much time spent in the field collecting data. Like Jesus Christ, I suffer to enlighten my readers: What A Girl’s Job Tells You

I channeled Tyler Durden in this post. I must have been tripping.

Need to know what your chances are of landing your dream lover? Then check out my masterpieces and tally up your score: Dating Market Value For Men and For Women

A sad story from my life that contributed to making me the charming devil I am today: Dodged The Same Bullet Twice

Best Halloween Costume Ever

My experience with jungle fever.

My anti-lawyer screed. I’m really proud of this post.

The things I will do for a girl if I really like her: Litmus Test

Always date at least two girls at once.

A very in-depth analysis of proper alpha body language.

A woman’s number one asset. Care to guess what it is?

The sweetness of robbing a girl of the satisfaction of dumping you.

A critical component of game is getting compliance from a girl.

A fine list of maxims.

My manifesto against marriage.

Cockblocked by Scientology.

This post on the sex appeal of younger vs older women cause much wailing and gnashing of teeth and probably cost me a few hookups through the blog. But I have to stay true to my art.

A ripping good yarn about my time dating a woman I feared was a tranny.

As a connoisseur of young cooch, these two posts present rules for dealing with dating younger women.

Don’t say I’m not a giver. Here’s my post on game for girls.

A man’s state of mind is the most important thing for determining how much pussy he gets.

I discuss how fat women distort the dating market and create players.

Girls love assholes – news at 11.

Guarantee a healthy relationship with the fear of loss.

This was the number one commented post. Betas are hip.

The perfect woman. (Hint: that cropped pic wasn’t randomly chosen.)

Looking forward, I intend to steer this blog in a fresh direction while staying true to the core mission statement. Change is good.


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