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Dennis Kucinich: Alpha Male

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Guys see a picture like this and think to themselves “wow, if he can land a babe, there’s hope for any guy.”  Clearly, Dennis Kucinich has landed an alpha babe.  And not just a tabloid exploiting fame seeking fly-by-night whore.  These two lovebirds are married.  It is clear from her body language and how she speaks of him that she truly loves him.  How is this possible?  Examining the basic facts, we see a large disparity in their relative sexual attractiveness.

  1. he is much shorter than her
  2. he is goofy looking; she is a beautiful, lithe, redheaded bombshell
  3. he is a lot older than her (31 year age difference.  she’s 29, he’s 60)
  4. she is feminine.  he is… feminine
  5. he has unicorn and rainbow politics

So how did he do it?

We get a hint of that in a couple of quotes from his wife, Elizabeth:

People who see us together understand – they see our connection. And it’s not like I’m some ditsy young thing and he’s an old fogey. He has the wisdom of an ancient and the energy of youth. Dennis says to me, ‘I’ve never seen myself as time-bound. When you make a connection on a soul level, age is not important.’

So Dennis has managed to neutralize the age objection by acting (and looking) more youthful.  This does not surprise me. Younger women appreciate a youthful outlook on life. Yes, acting young brings with it the risk of seeming immature, especially to older women looking specifically for an older man, but the risks are outweighed by the benefit of appealing to a much broader base of young women.

Another thing that comes through in her quote is the connection they share.  Connection, or mutual understanding, is one of the least understood (especially by men) and yet most important factors in what keeps a relationship strong.  Elizabeth was probably intrigued by Dennis at first because of his position of power as a US congressman, but his hippy dippy personality perfectly in tune with her whimsical “child of the soil” bohemian style sealed the deal.  They are on the same wavelength.

Here’s another quote:

As for having a family – Elizabeth says she would like children some day – Dennis says, ‘There’s no problem there.’

From this we can conclude that Dennis is confident in his ability to get hard and inseminate her with his flower power seed, despite his advanced age.  Perhaps his vegan diet keeps his arteries clear and his member functioning.  More likely, it is his incredibly hot wife 29 years his junior that helps him spring to action like a horny high schooler.  Young beautiful women are like souped-up turbo-charged Viagra/yohimbe/coke cocktails.  The majority of middle-aged men using Viagra are looking at the prospect of sex with haggard dumpy wives, so no wonder they need pharmaceutical assistance.

Connection, youthful vitality, and a high status career.  Those are the things that won Dennis his perfect 10, and they were appealing enough for Elizabeth to overlook his numerous shortcomings.  Often, when a woman is in love, she will grow to be blind to those negative traits in her man that might’ve otherwise turned her off when they first met.  This is a great example of how differently attraction works for men and women.  The mirror image of this situation hardly ever happens.  No matter how deep the connection or how youthful the outlook, vanishingly few men will want a relationship with a much older, unattractive woman.  They may want to be her friend, but they won’t want to fuck her.

The alpha male is not always obvious to the naked eye.  How many times have you walked down the street and said to yourself “what the hell is that guy doing with HER?!”  Or all those losers you know who’ve hooked up with women way out of their league.  What’s going on is that alphaness is not always a baseball bat to the head.  Sometimes it is a subtle thing, imperceptible to outsiders, a way he walks and moves or how he handles himself in conversation.

Or maybe Dennis has a 12″ cock.


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