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I’m finally dating someone who’s not an asshole. And I’m bored.

Everything you’ve ever read at the Chateau is here confirmed by a woman suffering the burden of dating a nice guy. (Man’s fault)

Via Empa Froga III:

JB quips,

She’s almost red pilled herself.

Rule of thumb: If you’re a beta provider with weak Game, stay away from girls in the “settle down” phase of their lives who have a history of dating assholes. YOU ARE PREY

Another reader,

Alpha widowhood is a bitch. She is just craving the drama that this beta can’t give her. For his sake I hope she does break it off, else she will be cheating on him within the first year of marriage.

“I am finally dating someone who is kind, and smart, and likeable and attractive, and great, and the sex is awesome.”


“He’s emotionally available…”

He’s like a woman.

“…and actually likes me.”

I have been pumped and dumped and treated like a pret a-piledrive for so long I get creeped out by men who don’t see how worthless I am as a long term partner.

“We have hobbies in common”


“I don’t have to earn his affection.”

Which means he’s not worth earning.

“I don’t have to play guessing games to figure out what he’s thinking or what he needs.”

If my rationalization hamster isn’t spinning, my vagina isn’t sideways grinning.

“I hate this.”

So give me the right to vote and Ill take out my existential femaleness on my nation.

“I keep almost breaking it off…”

Instead, I’ll just cheat on him for the duration.

“…but I keep not because I think it would be great if I can make it work.”

I will never logic myself into feeling giney tingles.

“It makes me feel like I am permanently broken.”

This self-awareness thingie…it hurts. Only an asshole can make me forget my womanly soul was created below.


We men and women are not at the wheel of our fates. Ancient desires drive us around, and we can try to grab hold of the steering wheel and control the direction of our lives, but the harder we pull against the natural momentum of our corporeal vehicle the closer we get to blowing out a tire, grinding the brakes down to the nub, and cracking the engine block.

A man can promise fidelity and service to a good woman, but if her tits, ass, face, and curves don’t excite him then every day will be a losing battle waged against an ancient desire.

A woman can promise loyalty and love to a good man, but if his personality, attitude, temperament, and masculinity don’t excite her then every day will be a losing battle waged against an ancient desire.

The closer we abide the natural momentum of our hindbrain vehicles, the happier our lives. The more we fight our hindbrains, the unhappier we are, and liable to take out our frustrations on everyone around us, including ourselves, in seemingly random acts of self-destructiveness and cruelty.

The woman who fights her natural, God-given desire for a charmingly mysterious asshole who is proficient in the gine art of Dread Game is a woman destined to relationship failure. She can play the part of dutiful, socially approved girlfriend for a while, but the compulsion caged deep within never stops throbbing, begging for release in the embrace of ZFG arms she has to fight to keep wrapped around her.

She will do the same to her country, if she is bored. Just substitute “America” for “a great guy”.

I wish I liked America more. But I don’t. America’s emotionally available and actually likes me. We have purposes in common. I don’t have to earn America’s affection. I don’t have to play guessing games to figure out what America’s thinking or what America needs. And it’s BORING.

Unfortunately, I think I’d rather be miserable than bored, so I’m welcoming as many filthy, depraved, rapey, aggressively stupid and unpredictable refugees into my country as I can to make my life exciting again.

There’s a lesson there for America’s beta males, if they’re willing to see it.


4 Responses to “Women Would Rather Be Miserable Than Bored”

  1. Ok says:

    But she was stil dating him

  2. Rowland says:

    The real problem here is that this is happening during her post smv years. Why would a man settle for a woman who has only left overs to offer? Gladly, a lot of men are coming out of this beta mentality and realising that until they see themselves as the prize, they’ll always work to earn the affection of women they’re always better than via taxes.

  3. Engels says:

    Fellas, this is your brain on fascism.

  4. Corvo says:

    Perhaps CH will seek her out on Gab.

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