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Scenes From the Sexual Market

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I shared space (acreage) on the elevator today with a woman pushing 300 pounds.  One of the VPs, a portly middle-aged man with strong body language, got on with us.  She exchanged a pleasantry with him and he briefly acknowledged her with a head nod.  She began telling him a story about her weekend when the elevator door opened and an attractive, slim Asian woman stepped in.  Right in the middle of the fat woman’s friendly conversation with him he promptly turned his attention to the Asian woman and offered up a big smile, eagerly asking about her week and flirting with her like he was a schoolboy with a puppy crush.

I watched the reaction of the fattie.  She looked chastened, forced to cut her own conversation off, and lowered her head looking at her shoes which were two sizes too small for her porky hooves.  I understood her pain, but I did not sympathize with it.  At her age, she should know how the world works.  If she wants to be treated better, she needs to lose a lot of weight and stop being a self-made sideshow freak.

Losers in life have to suffer in big and small ways every day, every hour, and every minute of their miserable existences.  Most of us don’t notice their suffering because we’re too wrapped up in our own dramas.  But suffer they do, their worthlessness as human beings getting shoved in their faces daily by others who aren’t even aware of their hurtful actions.

Welcome to the jungle.  There’s no opting out of this reality. 


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