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Last minute resistance is how players describe the general tendency of women to throw hip checks and shoulder blasts right before the blessed consummation.  Guys who are unable to control their state at this critical juncture, when they are at their horniest, will fail the LMR test.   If you’re a new age sensitive man you could give her a sympathetic hug when she resists your advances and wait for another day/month/year.   And then watch your balls ascend in direct proportion to her plummeting respect for you.  But if you want results, there are a few ways to neutralize LMR once it begins.

  • Agree in words, but not in action.  Simply affirm whatever doubt she voices as if you are going to do what she says, but go on moving the seduction forward.  “It’s too soon.”  “I agree.”  “Maybe we should slow down.”  “I agree.”  “But we hardly know each other.”  “I agree.”  “OMG, there’s no way I can fit that.”  “I agree.”  This tactic works better if you pull back a little every time she complains.  Let’s say you have a hand on her breast.  If she hits the brakes, you move your hand off and stroke the outside of her leg, then move it back up to her breasts after a minute.  Repeat ad nauseum.  With some girls you will be saying I agree 20 or 30 times before she succumbs.  Patience and persistence are your best allies now.
  • Seduce her.   This tactic requires more intelligence because you’ll be attempting to talk her out of her second thoughts.  It’s a more direct approach to dealing with the virgin on her shoulder whispering in her ear to slow down, so you’d better know what you are doing because the more you talk the more you risk saying something logical that’ll kill the mood.  The key is to distract her from logical thinking and make her focus on her runaway emotions, which is every women’s Achille’s heel.  A seduction which fries her circuits would sound like this:

Sometimes we need to lose ourselves to find ourselves, don’t you think?  The most passionate relationships start instantly, like you both knew it was destined to happen, and nothing getting in the way of that would feel right.  It’s crazy, isn’t it?  I have been making love to you from the moment I saw you.

  • Preempt her.  This is my preferred method, and probably the most effective.  You make your intentions known then immediately acknowledge a barrier to fulfilling those intentions.  I want to kiss you all over, make love to you all night, and hold you close in the morning, but we should get to know each other first.  Or, if the barrier is external:   I’d fuck you against that tree right now like we were animals in the woods, but a hiker might walk by and see us.   This shows her you understand her.  Plus, it relieves the pressure she’s feeling without sacrificing the sexual tension.  Then when she’s later ripping off her clothes she will rationalize that you both got caught up in the moment despite the barriers to sex.
  • Freeze her out.  Some girls are pure unfiltered evil.  Hours of foreplay that lead to zero conclusion can inflate a man’s sack to a medically inappropriate breaking point.  Cockteasing in the bedroom is pure power play.  Solution?  Be careful not to show exasperation by getting up and doing something random.  Start working on a painting.  “What are you doing?”  “Painting.”  “Why?”  “I just got an idea for the color scheme here.  I want to get it down before it disappears.”  [Students of NLP will notice the embedded language of loss anchored to the moment.]  She’ll likely re-initiate.

If none of the above work, stop bothering.  There will come a point when persistence turns into desperation.  If she’s really adamant about saving herself for the 100th date instead of the 99th, bump her down the queue.  She is now a second class citizen to the other girls in your world.  Your sex and love are valuable and if she wants another shot with you she’ll have to prove herself.


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