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A big mistake guys make when they start dating a girl they really like — the “one” — is neglecting to continue going out and getting fresh leads.  I used to do this, so I know the mental processes that go through a guy’s head when he’s really into a girl he’s dating.  He channels all his pickup energy into this one girl, figuring that if he made it as far as a first or a second date he should focus like a laser beam on her pants zipper.  He spends the long days in between seeing her analyzing his progress, picking apart the meaning behind her actions (or inactions), and daydreaming about what a relationship would be like with her.  When he goes out, he gets lazy and tells himself there is no urgency to collect new numbers since he’s already dating a quality chick and most of the other girls can’t compare anyhow.

This is a sexually lethal frame of mind to put oneself in.  When a guy completely boxes himself in like this with no options to fall back on, all it takes is a change of heart by his golden girl to crush his soul and send him spiraling into morose self-examination.  It’s like investing your whole wad in a biotech startup with huge promise only to see it crash to a sub-penny stock after the CEO is convicted of fraud.  You’d have been a lot better off diversifying your portfolio in a range of pussy sectors.

As an example, once, during the course of a month, I had four second dates in a row fizzle out on me leading to no sex.  I made a critical error by jumping from one girl to the next — dating, failing, getting a new lead, dating again, failing again, etc.  My desperation and self-doubt grew with each new girl, practically ensuring failure.

The way to beat this crippling dating handicap is to follow the “two in the kitty” rule religiously.  You should date a minimum of two girls simultaneously until you have locked in your preferred girl by having sex with her at least three times.  I have found through trial and error that a girl will bond to you after the third bang.  Before that, it’s a crapshoot and depends on the girl’s innate femininity.  Because modern girls have taken on male characteristics (especially DC girls who are more masculine than girls from less ambitious or overeducated towns) and are sluttier than past generations, the first or second bang won’t guarantee emotional attachment.  By the third bang, however, you will notice a very perceptible shift in the balance of power.  Suddenly, she will call and text you first, ask about your weekend schedule, tell you to “give me a call soon”, start doing favors for you, cuddle longer, and generally betray signs of nervousness when you make yourself physically or emotionally scarce.

That is when you will have her in the palm of your hand and can steer the relationship in the direction you want it to go.

A guy can achieve this if he adheres to these fundamental principles:

  1. Other girls CAN compare.  Girls are more interchangeable than you’d think.  Don’t get sucked into “oneitis”.
  2. If you date one girl exclusively and she really turns you on, you WILL give off a needy vibe at some point during the pre-sex seduction no matter how much experience you have.  The best players who have ice running through their veins and cyborgian state control get that way because they date and fuck many girls concurrently.
  3. A good date means nothing.  The only thing that matters is penis in vagina, and even then a feeling of security is not assured until the penis has penetrated the vagina on at least three different occasions.  (Three times in one night does not count.)
  4. You will find it easier to close the deal with your number one girl if you are banging a number two and three girl.  A man getting regular sex has an aura that girls subconsciously register in their hindbrains.  Don’t ask me how this happens, but it does.  The Aura is very powerful, like the chemical hormones secreted by ants and bees to get them to cooperate as a social structure, and will be your Valkyrie in the battle for pussy.
  5. Approach the game while dating as ardently as you do when you are dating no one.  If you have a date Tuesday, go out Monday and Wednesday and get more numbers.  Even if you fail at getting numbers, just taking the initiative of meeting new girls and chatting them up will reduce the neediness you feel with your date.
  6. Never, EVER, feel guilty for dating and banging many girls simultaneously.  The mating marketplace is a battlefield and the Genitalia Convention rules of engagement clearly stipulate that it’s open season for fucking around until terms of exclusivity are tendered.  This is not your mother’s dating environment.
  7. A hot chick is MORE likely, not less, to continue seeing you if you tell her you are “dating around”.  A guy who knows he has options and is in fact exercising those options is extremely attractive to a girl.

Don’t give a girl the chance to pull the rug out from under you.  Have another ten rugs underneath that one and you will glide through your interactions with women like a shark through a school of mackerel.


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