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Obesity To Blame For Game

Reader Joe T. sent me a link to this story (scroll halfway down) about female obesity correlating with lower pay in the workplace. The study’s conclusion — that fat women suffer a wage penalty because of discrimination — is shaky (for instance, fat women may be less productive than their thinner counterparts due to health issues), but there’s no doubt that employers — male and female, fat and thin — don’t like looking at fat chicks in the office and that this may affect their employment prospects. There is a chart accompanying the report which shows that the percentage of overweight and obese white American women has increased from 12.6% in 1981 to 50.4%(!) in 2000.

That is just so fucking depressing on so many levels. The gravity of this tragic situation had me wondering if the rise in female obesity has indirectly contributed to the concurrent rise in the teaching of Game and the player subculture. I now think it has. The best way to illustrate my point is through visual aids.

This is what happens when you put five thin women of bangable age and reasonable attractiveness and five normal men together in a bar:

All the penises have found a home. Every woman is at a minimum sperm-worthy so the competition between the men is reduced to a manageable amount unless one of the girls happens to be an 8.5 or better, in which case there is a flurry of chest-pounding as the men jockey for her attention, followed quickly by peace in the land once the betas realize that sex with 6s and 7s isn’t too bad, either.

Now we’ll see what happens when you put three fat chicks, one mediocre-looking thin girl, one hot red-headed girl, and five normal men together in a bar:

As you can see, the three fat chicks are completely ignored, even though this guarantees that three penises will not find a home tonight, unless the two remaining girls are into sharing. Instead, all five men will descend upon the two skinny chicks and a battle royale will ensue for access to their skinny vaginas. Eventually, the hot red-headed chick will meet her attention quota and go home penis-less but oddly very satisfied. The mediocre-looking chick, who would be a 6 in any other country where the female obesity rate wasn’t over 50%, is suddenly faced with the sexual interest of five men. Being the only sperm-worthy available vagina left in the bar, she vogues and disdains like a 10, enjoying every second of her newfound fame, and throwing the forces of the cosmos into a great imbalance. Her ego jacked up, she too will go home penis-less and emotionally very satisfied, all the while thanking her American sisters for their addiction to cookie dough straight from the tube.

A visual representation of the aftermath of this all-too-real nightmare scenario:

Those are the penises trampled underfoot the stiletto heels of the last remaining thin girl in the universe. Her head has grown large from the ego-stroking of all the men who had no other options but to attempt sex with her. Like small mammals scattered out of the brush before a stampeding herd of wildebeests, scampering toward the safety of one golden burrow on the horizon, these men face certain doom.

Which brings me to my theory: Game has been refined, taught and embraced by men in direct proportion to the shrinking pool of attractive thin girls. As the reduced supply of skinny chicks have seen their sexual market value skyrocket, they have adjusted by pricing their pussy out of reach for the average guy. In return, men have sought solutions to this new challenge in the rapidly advancing science of seduction. Where simple courtship worked in the past, it is no longer effective against the deep bunker defenses of the in-demand slender woman.

There has always been an evolutionary arms race between men and women in the quest for sex but now, for the first time in human history, the sheer numbers of fat chicks — in concert with the increase of financially independent women — is accelerating this arms race so fast that many people can’t cope and drop out. The tools of seduction for men become better by the day and the women counter with more impenetrable defenses. The tension is palpable. The whining and bitching is cacophonic. Distrust and dating blogs are at record highs.

If just 20% of fat chicks lost weight relations between the sexes would start to noticeably improve. And there would be more happiness in the world, because a skinny girl with hunger pangs is happier than a fat girl with a sheepdog and peanut butter.


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