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Email #1: bernieciz wants to know about reversing last-minute date cancellations by flaky girls.

I’ve been getting a lot of pre-sex flakes lately and would be very greatful for some VIP Le Cheateau advice:

Her (Morning of the day we’re supposed to hang out): Hey I’m actually not feeling good today and I think I’m sick. Sorry!

I usually just delete her number but I was wondering if there was a solid reply to make the fire get started again. Are the best options still “right” “lol” or “gay”?

Many thanks

“gay”, et al are still very good responses. I don’t know if they can be classified the “best”, but they come close. The best response is the one that results in a bang, right?

The CH archives are filled with anti-flake tactics. (Hit the search box on the right. Punch in “flake”.) “Flakey McFlakester” is one that will always get a positive re-engagement from girls, as long as the girl has a minimal level of interest in you. There are tons of good anti-flake techniques here as well. Finally, don’t overlook Birthday Cat, the all-purpose cartoon projection of your ZFG alpha boner fides!


Email #2: Club Monster feels the first stirring of one-itis. Some would call it love.

I have the following situation: I am banging a girl (let her name be Hannah) I met in a club for about a month. She does not know where I live and we always meet at her place. She pays for food and condoms most of the time.

Amanda Carpenter to the courtesy phone…

She complained a few times that she fears I only pay her visits because her flat is located so conveniently, which I ignore. Anyway..

Yesterday I went sarging with a friend. At 11 pm I phoned her. She was at home with two female friends. So me and my friend paid her a visit. In the house (but other flat) there was also a party going on. So we all went there. I spoke to/gamed her female friends (with light kino) there for a few minutes, before me and my friend left for a club. Hannah denied me a goodbye kiss. I didn’t really have an idea why, and I didn’t want to ask in order to circumvent any argument, so I shrugged and shrugged it off.

At the club

The term of art is “at da club”.

I found a girl (we talked, danced, kissed) that I then took home to the flat of my friend. While in the club, I didn’t pay much attention to my surroundings, so it might be possible that she or any of the people from the previous party went there as well, saw me and the other girl and reported that back to Hannah. So today, without any further communication since the kiss denial, she deleted my phone number (I know that, because since this afternoon her Whatsapp-picture doesn’t show up anymore).

So far, I did not reach out to her and I will probably wait a few more days and for her to reinitiate contact. But I am suspicious that won’t happen.

I’ve read enough CH articles since I found your page 3 month ago to know that I should not act like it’s wrong to see more that one girl at the same time. By now this is also my honest opinion so I would not need to fake that. (“I am dating around until I find a girl that shows commitment.”, “We are not married”, etc.)

Do you have any suggestions on how to handle the situation?

PS: She is a psychologist and i.e. knows that touching is a component to build comfort with each other. And she knows that I know it.

Hannah wants something more than you’re willing to give her. She’s in relationship-hunting mode; you’re in da club kino-ing other girls. That’s why she denied you a goodbye kiss and deleted your number.

Your “dating around” isn’t the problem. Most girls expect men to date around at the beginning. It sounds like you don’t have any beta provider/vulnerability game. You didn’t make Hannah feel comfortable because you made yourself appear unattainable. Most girls can abide that for a few months, but not for much longer than that.

If you really like this girl, it’s advisable to skip a couple of nightclub trawls for a one-on-one evening with her.


Email #3: Cunt Wrekcer tries to swing the “customer-to-lover” transition with a stripper.

I’m in a new situation and I need a slice yours and the communal loaf. It’s all about picking up a girl who is located some 80 miles from me. It all start back in July when I met her at a strip club in a smaller city. Our vibe was struck right off the bat and after two visits, I got her number. I wasn’t able to proceed because the text she sent to my number never went through and I could not verify the messages delivery. This because my phone was at home and because my number was European based and I guess there were network issues.

So, for 6+ months, couldn’t do anything. The day after the second visit, I returned to Europe. Now, I am back State side and after a visit last week I got her number again. This time I got hers and all was verified as I drove back. She replied an hour later.

Since then, silent on both sides. I figure that is ok as I think too many messages too soon would all be in bad form. The questions are
– How to start the text game?
– How to broach the first message?

I go out there occasionally. It’s an all-nude club, so when the one in town doesn’t deliver I take a ride out there. Is it better to keep on with the occasional visits since I would rather start up a conversation?

If you’re thinking she’s in it for the dough (I question that myself) I have to wonder. On several instances, she turned down dance tips and every time I go (twice since my return), she and I hang out in the club, most often with her on my lap letting me feel her up and even tweak her nipples. On top of that, our last lap dance we ended up kissing. Although I initialed a kissed, she responded to it positively. Plus, the night ended with her number.

So, the primary question is is how not to fall into a beta orbit? How to lock in on these vibes?

Thoughts are appreciated.

Ah strippers. The toughest, and paradoxically the easiest, of pickups. Commenter James put it well,

PUAs talk a lot about stripper game because it’s so hard. A whiff of beta or the slightest bend to your frame, and you’re just a customer to her again.

They have so many interactions that they’re really calibrated.

Plus all game is just flipping the script on women, and stripper game is apex of flipping the script. She comes to you looking for money. You give her none, and fuck her. Using only words and actions. It’s beautiful, in its way.

The seminal CH post on strippers is this one.

Executive summary
– don’t be beta
– be an asshole
– defy all her expectations
– keep pre-sex communications short and sweet

That last rule means terse texts and getting to the point. Just tell her you’re taking her to [place X] and to wear something sexier than her usual outfits. Ideally, choose a venue that isn’t a seedy bar. She spends her life in bars and clubs, and a change of scenery would strongly imprint on her.


Email #4: Mr. Sadist seeks Ms. Masochist with a heart of gold.

Say a girl is deeply in love with an alpha ex-convict, to the point she’ll permit the most extreme sexual depravities to keep his love. Things as extreme as eating shit, forgiving him putting her in hospital etc. But she has a history of being a hardcore slut/prostitute.

What are the chances she won’t fuck any other dudes?

Higher than if she were somehow in a relationship with a law-abiding beta male, lower than the typical woman who doesn’t measure her love by trips to the hospital. I hope that clears things up.

You want a lady on the streets and a freak in the sheets. What man doesn’t? But a woman’s sexual history is the best indicator of her future fidelity, and her deep abiding love only marginally alters that equation. If she has a slutty past, odds are she’ll have a slutty future… until The Wall stops her homentum dead in its tracks.


Email #5: #MAGA would like us to know it’s all pink on the inside.

First off, big fan of your blog! I have learned much useful insight from weekly readings here. You are like a modern prophet, showing the men of America how to avoid the abyss of the betas, showing the path to the land of freedom and quality pussy. You and your writings will have a more positive impact on people’s lives than any pied-piper’s speech that Hillary or Bernie could ever tell to their degenerate flocks. For the love of all things sacred and human, don’t stop showing the way back to the light.

I think we could beef up that intro a little.

I’m 24 year old white man, former college wrestler, hoping to eventually be a world-travelling, self-publishing author, like Roosh. I was put on aderall in 8th grade, and all through high school and most of college it prevented me from learning how to interact with girls in the alpha way; then, realizing that the fuckin’ shit was close to driving me insane from lack of sexual action (coupled with being on a teetotal southern Baptist college campus), I stopped taking it, and began to awaken the alpha instincts within. So, yes, i’m a late bloomer, and am still snapping myself out of the matrix that that damned pill had put me in. But I better stop with that background-explanation bit before I get too off-topic.

Dirty leetle secret: Most of the great womanizers you’ll know were late bloomers. Ted Cruz, for instance.

Now, here’s the reason I am writing this to you…

I was recently hired on to work at a call center as a phone rep. They’ve got me and other recent hires in a 3-month training class involving computer modules that is now approaching the completion of the first full month. As you can imagine, being a call center, there are a lot of black people who work there. That includes a number of cute looking early-20’s black girls, several of them in my training class. I’ve never dated black girls before, and I feel that being in a training class with several attractive black girls is a great way to build my basic seduction-related skills. I’ve figured “hey, an attractive girl’s snatch is still a snatch, be it on a black girl, a white girl, or a latina; no reason I cant get practice of an alpha’s seducing frame or getting bedroom experience with these girls.”

(And in case you’re wondering; I barely talk with the fat women there outside of a professional context; I rarely flirt with them or have a typical conversation going in a sexual direction with them. I mean, come on; it’d just be too cruel to let them think that they have a shot at getting with a rising white alpha male like me when there’s obviously more worthy targets for me at the locale.).

When at work, I have carried about myself there with a general air of being an alpha male who gets sex on the regular, which is something that I’d seen you recommend before on the blog here, and my verbal game has been pretty tight so far; I’ve maintained the unfazed higher-status position in almost all of my flirtings with these girls, and have flirted with these girls in front of each other, and I’ve seen the arousal in all their eyes when doing so; this has been largely helped by my constant reminder of the wisdom of “imagine yourself in bed with 3 women” advice you have.

Yeah, that’s a classic. Bump the imagined number up by one additional woman for each one-point increase in the SMV of your real world target.

But I haven’t gotten to bed any of the girls yet, mostly because they all have their own places located in ghettoesque parts of town (and I don’t want to drive to a neighborhood where my white skin would get peppered with bullets on site),

Your dick might get peppered with genital warts, too.

and, while I live relatively close to where we work, I am still living with my parents (to save up money & pay off as much of my college debt) who, to put it frankly, are of similar opinion as you are on blacks and have probably never had a black person set foot in their house.

That’s not my opinion. (Picking up whiff of troll here.)

So I’m in a bit of a quandary about the logistics of getting with these girls.

Any advice on how to exploit the environment with regards to improving my overall skills with seduction/game? I can already tell you now that the general black anti-GOP hivethink that I’ve seen in there isn’t going to stop me from covertly voting for Trump should he be GOP candidate in November, so i’m not worried about that. I’m just wondering if there’s any thing about this workplace “mudsharking for the sake of experience” that I may have overlooked, and if you have any particular advice for a rising white alpha male.


#MAGA (Make All Girls Aroused)

I can’t take your email seriously. It has a false note quality to it. But for the sake of appearances, my advice is simple: Cute girls, of whatever race, are fun to flirt with and whose company can be used to sharpen your skills. If you want to “ride the rainbow” so to speak, you should know the races of women have on the whole particular courtship preferences and flirting behaviors.

ps the term for white men hitting on black girls is “oil drilling”.


Email #6: A likely foreign reader learns that it’s not GAME ON until penis is in vagina.

I would like to hear your opinion about my situation, and maybe you can help other guys with a similar problem due your always good answer.

I meet this girl 3 months ago in a club, she was from the begining into me, i went for a kiss that night, but got a cheek, and she sayd im not that kind of girl. She gave me her number and begging me to contact her, she wanted to have my number to be sure that we see each other (i didnt give my number, because i wanted to have the control) i waited 3 days, and called her, she was so excited, asked 100 questions per minute.

Girls have always told me that my calling them instead of texting them was a big point in my favor. Meh, I prefer to think it was the ICBM in my pants. (InterCuntinental Boner Missile)

I didnt want to talk alot, i wanted to stay mysterious, and asked her for a date when she is free, she says we need to meet tomorow! So we meet.
She was totaly nervous, her hands were shaking, she was speaking all the time (i let her speak, and only asked questions). After that she wanted to show me her apartment, and introduce me to her roomates (on the first date), so we went there, talked alot (i didnt have the oportunity to do anything sexualy because the next room without door. Okay, since she was so into me, i knew thet we will meet in private fhew times for sure.

She texted me every second day, whats up, how are you. I responded as short as possible: im good. Her texts were short, but i keept mine shorter.

We meet fhew days later, and she wanted me to show my apartment i was thinking GAME ON, we were little DRUNK, i wanted to kiss her, and she was shocked, no she cant do this bla bla.. and then we started to make out, i acted like a man. I think from kissing, cuddling all the stuff we made that she is a virgin. She didnt do anything, she was scared to do something wrong, or she didnt knew what to do in this situation. She is a bad kisser (inexperiance). she stayed the night by my place.

Next morning i wanted to kiss her, but got a cheek, like a friend.

I never pursued her, i waited always for her to send a text, or call.

She called me that she is so excited, she wants to meet me, i think in my head, what the fuck.. she came in a bar, and i was totaly cold to me. And so she was every time after that. She wants to meet, but then shes coold. Im not responding every time, im going with her 1x, and 4x im canceling to stay aloof.

I like this girl, but how to handle her?

Im a flirt master, really good at that, but when im with her, she creates a situation that causes extrem discomfort. But when a roomate arrives, when she company, then she laugs, and is extremly flirtable..

Whats wrong with this structured, shy woman?

Congratulations, you’ve tangled with a cocktease. Not just any cocktease either; the most fearsome of cockteasers: the unintentional summoner of blue balls.

My take: You are overgaming, and she’s responding to that with an amped-up ASD (anti-slut defense). Yes, she likes you, but she is also afraid you are a player who will pump and dump her. She loves your attention (hence the deluge of calls and texts) but she doesn’t love the feeling of insecurity that overwhelms her when you and she are alone together.

She has a male analogue: the guy who’s charming and funny with a girl in mixed company, but suddenly gets penis-pretzled when his tension-relieving audience is gone and he faces the prospect of an open path to vagina.

You might be coming on too strong, Casanova. Here’s a couple things you can do to warm her up when it counts.
1.    Gently flirt with other women in her presence (this will supercharge her libido and potentially override her ASD)
2.    Slow down and PUSH HER AWAY from you. You’re too much PULL, not enough PUSH. By pushing away, I mean you say things like “whoa, I’d like to take this slow, I’m a romantic that way”. Essentially, you’ll be flipping the script and redirecting her greatest power against her.


Email #7: A reader who calls himself “Known here as Squibby” is baffled by a genuinely desirous woman.

New broad has me baffled. We’ve gone out three times and she’s making it fun and easy. She’s not dropping any shit tests, and the little quizzes she does serve up are soft balls. There has been nothing stronger than, “I can’t believe I’m doing this on our first date” (which I didn’t even respond to). She’s yet to flake, and she even sent confirmation texts letting me know she was on her way. WTF? I’m not used to this. I sense a disturbance in the force but I can’t identify it’s nature.

This isn’t a fatty or single mom tramp. She’s a thin cute blond nurse/PA (8ish) Frankly, I thought I was punching a little above my weight. I’m thinking 3 possibilities.

1. She’s conserving ammo. Brace myself for the mother of all shit tests which will be forthcoming.
2. I’m a jaded motherfucker. This actually happens.
3. It’s a regional/cultural thing. She’s from the south and redneck women are just more pleasant than Yankee bitches.

Any input is greatly appreciated. I want to keep fucking this one.

(1) Maybe, but most girls can’t conserve ammo much past the third date (female high time preference).
(2) A jaded PUA, Mystery, once called these kinds of women “fools’ mates”.
 That is, gimmes.
(3) True, to a point. Southron girls are easier up front, but Northron girls are easier on the back end (heh).

Input? Ok. Enjoy her company and stop over-analyzing her desire for signs of insincerity. Does a supremely confident gentleman question why women unhesitatingly adore him? Rhetorical.


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