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Approach Anxiety And The SJW

There’s a saying in the seduction community that’s meant to help newbs get over approach anxiety. Often, the neophyte womanizer will avoid approaching cute girls under the pretext that “she’s out of my league”. The PUA answers, “Don’t make that decision for her. Let her figure it out.”

It’s basically an argument for reframing perceived obstacles as opportunities.

The same applies to “alt-righters” tangling with anti-White SJWs (otherwise known as the dregs of humanity). The typical alt-righter has a habit of rhetorically neutering himself by acceding to the SJW’s frame. Usually, this neutering takes the form of “just to clear the air, I’m not a racist…” or “the alt-right isn’t *really* racist, their memes are ironic…”

This is bad stuff. It’s the equivalent of the insecure man excusing himself from the field in a hail of apologies for having the gall to possess a penis. “Oh, good madam, I’m not *really* hitting on you, it’s just an ironic pose of patriarchal conformity!”

Here’s a suggestion for the mincing princes of the alt-right: Don’t fight yourselves. Make the SJW fight you. Yes, you are a racist. (So is everybody, especially shitlibs who pay top real estate dollar to sequester themselves from racial vibrancy.) So what? Racism as it manifests in the real world instead of in shitlibs’ fevered fantasies is a normal and healthy human trait that invigorates group identification and assists cultural transmission.

A crib sheet of bracing realtalk for the alt-righters who backpedal from their ideas by summoning the irony cheat code:

Race-mixing: Lineage destruction
Homosexuality: Norm equalization
Diversity: Social disintegration

Irony is not the goal. Irony is the gateway.


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