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Reversing A Flake

In my post on how to head fake girls with beta provider game, I left a teaser that I had stumbled upon a nearly foolproof text for reversing a “no response” flake. This is the kind of flake where the girl gives you her number but then doesn’t reply when you call or text her to set up a date. (Note: For “last minute cancellation” flake reversal tactics, see this post. Particularly, el chief’s suggestion.)

Here is the text I used to reopen communication lines with three girls who had flaked on me with radio silence:

whats up flaky mcflakester

Elegant in its simplicity and lack of punctuation, and effective. I sent this text during the afternoon, three days after I left them the initial voicemail. All three girls responded within ten minutes to my text, and their responses were eerily identical:

I’m not a flake! I was busy doing [insert lame excuse]. Give me a call.

The haters out there will conclude that the three girls were sluts with low self esteem, manufactured at the same “girls who fall for players” factory, and that’s why the text worked. Nothing could be further from the truth. These girls were as different from each other as night and day, in occupation, temperament, race, looks, and country of origin.

Why this text works:

  • short and sweet, demonstrates uncaring attitude
  • lack of punctuation = don’t give a shit
  • called her out on her flakiness without anger or bitterness
  • used the idiotic “mc….ster” form of wordplay which is popular with girls these days

I hesitated writing this post because the odds are now increased that the next time a girl I am gaming receives a “whats up flaky mcflakester” text from me, she will have heard it before from one of my readers. This is the price all revolutionaries must pay for their magnanimity.

Tomorrow: An example of successful online game I have used.


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