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Even though I’ve beaten the odds and had success with online game the few times I’ve ventured onto the internet to score pussy, I don’t recommend it. For most guys, the odds are too long, and the playing field too tilted in favor of women, mostly fat BBBWs. Examining the dynamics with cold logic will lead to the conclusion that online dating is futile.

The one big advantage of online dating is convenience. You can mass approach a hundred women while sitting in your underwear in your squalid apartment. Perfect for the lazy man who can’t be bothered to make himself presentable for the bar. If you want to spend a few minutes each week trying online game, you’ll need a strategy. Approaching girls online is not much different than approaching them in the flesh. The game remains the same. Following is an example of successful online game I have used. Don’t copy/paste this into your next email. This is a template only, and will give you an idea of the flow and attitude you need to project in your emails.

Note: I only answer W4Ms that have pics included. I know a guy who posts a profile in M4W and has some success with it, but I find that method too haphazard. I can’t imagine sifting through 100 responses from moocows to get to the one or two gems in the bunch.

Her original email paraphrased:

I’m looking for a [insert suite of alpha traits]. You must be [insert more alpha traits]. I’d like to go out this weekend with a man who knows what he wants in life. Suggest a restaurant or a movie and let’s get together. Pic a must.

[soft focus pic of a cute chick]

My response (with pic):

Subject line:

It’s interesting that your…

I’ve captured her attention with a leading subject header.

photo looks like a perfume ad from a magazine.

Neg. She can’t tell if this is a compliment or a put-down. That is the beauty of the neg.

movies are for couples who don’t mind not talking with each other for two hours.  restaurants are anhedonic.  all that food gets in the way of the romantic vibe.

Reframe. I’m not letting her lead the interaction, and I’m challenging her demands. Also, I threw in one five dollar word — anhedonic — to establish intellectual dominance. This is sexy to girls in measured doses. Just don’t go overboard and nerd out like you’re an epileptic thesaurus. Rule of thumb is one impressive word embedded in a casual streetwise conversation. Contrast is king.

now a chill lounge draped in crimson curtains and the soothing sounds of jazz over martinis… that hits the mark.

You must balance the negative with the positive. After snubbing her lame suggestions, I offered a more enticing alternative. This is where you will limber up your brain and write descriptively, lushly. You want her picturing the scene in her mind, and feeling the ambience.

We will meet at XXXX tomorrow night, 10pm.

Lead, pig!

She responded to this within a half hour, agreeing with my choice of venue. She also included her height and weight (5’7″, 108 lbs. Perfect.) but not a second photo. A 30 minute turnaround response rate is excellent for online game. Most girls will reply two days later, if they’re so inclined. In her next email, she asked for my “basic stats”. I gave her a brief physical description, followed by silliness.

occupation: international man of mystery

favorite color: green

ideal woman: golddigger

We set a time to meet, but I flaked. I had another date that night with a girl whose looks I was confident about, since I met her in real life. Options = freedom. Also, I’ve found that it’s a fat red flag when a girl doesn’t follow-up her initial photo with another photo of herself. This usually means that out of all the thousands of pictures taken of her, she only has one that shows her in a good light. Unfortunately, on a face-to-face date, you will be seeing her from multiple angles.

Maxim #55: If she’s hot, why would she bother with online dating?


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