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November 2008 Comment Winner

November was chock full of terrific comments (and chock full of shit from the usual suspects), so picking a winner wasn’t easy. At least here at the Chateau you will never hear the tepid Oscar-uninspired words “And the Comment award goes to…”. Nope, as nature intended, it’s all about winners and losers under the harsh klieg lights of reality I daily shine in your faces.

Commenter Thursday wins the November 2008 Comment Winner award with his pithy aphorism in the comments section of the post about Obama’s women:

Success with women is more disillusioning than failure.

The truest observations often require the least explication.

Comment Winner Runner-up is Dave from Hawaii who aptly illustrates with an example from his own life the importance of game to healthy, loving long term relationships, including marriage. Even though the original post was about former fatties resenting men’s desire, this unfounded belief that game is an impediment to loving relationships seems to crop up in almost every thread.

The married or long term relationship man that [runs game] is least likely to suffer her “getting bored” or “falling out of love” with him, ending in divorce because she began cheating on him and deciding to cash out and chain him into servitude via the alimony/child-support enslavement institution that is U.S. family law — while she jumps into bed with the next bad-boy thug that gets her hot and bothered like he used to when they first began dating.

I got married young, and simply did not understand anything about game, or the benefits of assertive masculinity. I put my wife on a pedestal and spent 7 years or so of a very contentious, walking on egg-shell type of relationship that teetered towards divorce more than a few times.

I discovered PUA/Game sites like this one a few years ago, and after a bit of reading on shit tests, and the subconscious mating desires of females, I began to “run game” on my wife.

The transformation of our relationship is astounding.

Yes, she put on a good 40 lbs. a couple of years after we got married.

Once I learned to game her subconscious, competitive instincts and began to plant suggestions in her mind that I was desirable to other women…she’s gotten motivated and lost the weight, and her affection towards me reverted back to the way she was before got married.

Once I started recognizing her shit tests and began to not just “pass them” but literally blow them up, the passive-aggressive emotionally driven conflict that had been the hallmark of our relationship has all but disappeared.

We don’t fight anymore.

My wife, who used to grumble and complain and tell all her closest friends and family that we had a “difficult relationship with lots of problems that needs working on” now tells everyone she’s happily married without blinking an eye.

And she has no idea that the real reason why…that I basically educated myself on the realities of the male-female relational dynamic in terms of mating strategies as broken down by Pick-Up Artists et al, and realized that my previous actions and behavior were based on the feminist zeitgeist that programs most of us who are raised in Western culture to put Women on pedestals and try and be the “nice guy” beta as the key to a happy and fulfilling relationship.

Many pickup artists will often say that their advice is simply for men wanting to have the alpha  “sex-with-as-many-hot-women-as-possible-without-getting-trapped-into-commitment” lifestyle.

However, the insight you can glean from the PUA on the principles dealing with females biological imperatives and their base motivations is quite instructive on learning to maintain a steady, monogamous relationship as well.

Game: It does a marriage good.

Following are the commenters who received Honorable Mentions for the month of November.

Tupac Chopra wins the zinger award responding to another incredulous commenter in the previous Comment Winner post.

*picking jaw up off of floor*

You’re going to have to leave it there if you wanna fit that bad boy in.

The award for most self-delusional comment goes to Keith, AKA bottom who poses as a top.

I slapped you around the room like a sorry little bitch,  leaving you crying and shitting yourself in the corner like the syphilitic little cunt you are.

The TMI award and the “Thanks for the visual” award go to supertroll David Alexander in my post about using wedding rings to game girls.

I shave down there for the girls who will never use it.

Joe T. earns the award for best intuitive grasp of the mechanics of the sexual market.

If a DC area girl is “plump” and decent looking, not ugly, she will typically inflate her own value in the dating narket. If she’s a 5-6, she’ll act like an 8.

American men are so inured to dealing with overweight females that “plump” now equals “svelte”.

In order for weight to have *any* negative impact on an American woman’s dating value these days, she has to be downright morbidly obese.

Anything less, along with a marginally cute face, and she’ll be prancing around like she’s Reese Witherspoon.

I would like to add that the monstrous obesity epidemic in America and its effects on mating dynamics has not gotten the attention in the culture media that it should get outside of this blog. While I agree with Joe T. that the lowering of men’s standards in response to the reality of a skewed dating pool where half the female prospects are overweight results in the “Reese Witherspoon” prancing effect among chubby single women, I don’t see that meaning men have become “inured” to fat chicks and hit on them regardless. The desire for slender babes is hardwired in men; it’s not a malleable lust that changes in relation to the number of fatties in society. There is no fat “tipping point”. What it means instead is 1. more fat chicks getting pumped and dumped, and 2. more ego inflation among the thin girls. Much balance will be restored to the force if women would just push away from the table.

El Guapo explains why sluttiness can make girls bad relationship prospects.

There are two factors at work in promiscuity and must be properly evaluated before getting into relationship territory.

One factor is the economic commodity factor.  A girl that has many more partners than average has diluted her sexual value and many men see it that way.

The other factor is whether or not the bonding mechanism has been damaged.  Sex is the bonding force behind romantic relationships.  If the promiscuity has made the male “just another man”, the relationship will self-destruct.  If on the other hand, the woman still sees the man and his individual value, and helps create and maintain that electric spark, the magic of passion, sweetness, innocent spirit as you say, then the relationship will prosper.

I once dated a former high-end fitness model escort.  In this market she commanded $4000/hr.  She was and is spectacular.  Only she can’t bond.  And is a serial relationship girl.  She goes from broken heart to broken heart because she can’t bond and repeats, like a broken record to her sister, “he’s not the one.  I don’t feel it.”.

Kick a Bitch gets all philosophical on my post about the omega dude marrying the wildebeest.

damn that bitch fell out of the ugly tree and smacked EVERY branch on her way down.

you couldn’t crack that head with a sledge-hammer.

Cannon’s Canon highlights the versatility of the neg.

Personally, I like to neg Mother Earth by using the air conditioning WITH the windows down in my car.  Now that’s a DHV!

…and scores a two-fer with his comment confirming my observation that Asian women are fixated with the anus.

haha, gotta tell ya… went to west garden last year with some coworkers, a rub-n-tug around midtown manhattan… not usually my scene, but anyway… the massage was legit, but the asian chick starting using all her techniques as soon as she rolled me over for the finale: tight grip, high speed, etc.  i figured i’d be playing it cool to tough it out a few minutes mentally and enjoy my wank, little did i know!  there was a whole lot of lube going on down there and the lights were so low i couldn’t make out what was happening, not necessarily a visual image i’d savor for later anyway… BUT SUDDENLY!  a cold hard index finger slipped its way beyond the sunshine, and lo and behold, i was on a massage table getting fingerbanged by a “crazy asian handjob masseuse.”  anyway, the sensation was minimal, and the excessive lube was positively numbing.  after about ten+ minutes, she said to me, “yoojah!”  i said, “what?”  she asks, “yoojah?”  i say, “no, i don’t want a drink.”  she counters,
“no, you jahhk now.”  so i started cranking that souljah boy while she two-fingered my asshole (in my defense, her hands were the size of compact discs).  when i got ready to pop, i told her to take over, and i laid back while she one-handed the mic and two-fingered the turntables.  as per usual in the rub-n-tugs, she laughed when i popped and said, “OHHH STWONG BOY!” then literally ran out to wash her hand which i am sure, despite the dim lights, was stained brown with my poo.

and that, my friend, is why asians are obsessed with the anus.

Finally, Shouting Thomas unloads the hate as my words push him to the brink.

After posting, I realized that you fucking morons may not realize the moral problem in this disgusting bit of fun you’re having.

Ridiculing those who are less fortunate than you… well, it’s about as low as another human can go.

You are a contemptible stupid fucking son of a bitch.  A real Alpha would take you out in the back yard and beat the shit out of you.  You’ve got it coming.

One of the most important marks of the true Alpha is a sense of decency and kindness.

There’s something about the internet that encourages worthless assholes to disgrace themselves.

Shut down this site and find a job as a bicycle messenger… if you can.  I doubt that you can do any better than that.

What a little cunt you are.

I was telling one of the other bloggers how envious I was of his haters, that my haters were too timidly cerebral and rational. Thank you, Shouting Thomas, for bringing a level of professionalism back to the dark art of hating. But one word of advice: Don’t come charging out of the hate gate at full steam. You want to lull your target into complacency, subtly building up to a passionate crescendo of hate, and unleashing your righteous vitriol when least expected, after you have ensnared him in reasonable discussion. A powerful dose of hate is most devastating when your foe cannot readily dismiss you as an overwrought raving lunatic.


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