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Obama’s Women

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Commenter Just Looking sent me this jpeg. Take a look.

After I suppressed my vomit reflex, I analyzed this pathetic photo in detail. It really says so much, and none of it good. I believe this photo encapsulates everything that has gone wrong with America, and with modern Western civilization.

First, we have an aging SWPL mother-to-be. Judging by the crows’ feet, bad skin tone, and sloppy slabs of fat rolls around her hips, she looks to be about 40. If she is younger than that, then she hasn’t aged well. Her pregnancy was likely the result of many visits to fertility clinics and untold numbers of tears. She probably had to abort three Downs fetuses before getting a clean bill of viability from the amniocentesis.

Next, we see that she is a fervent Obama supporter. So fervent, in fact, that she had Obama’s logo (seed) painted on (implanted in) her belly (womb). She is in deep, deep love with Obama. So deep, that I’m positive she would happily cheat on her husband/boyfriend/cohabitator/sperm donor to give Obama the thrill of pregnancy sex, and wouldn’t worry at all about his thrusting presidential penis banging a hole in the head of her unborn child. She would cum harder with Obama in one orgasm than in all the orgasms combined she has had fucking her alpha flings in her 20s and making soft love with her grateful beta provider chumps in her 30s. She would let Obama film it and would beg him to call her fetus “Baby Barack” while he was pumping her.

“That’s right, bitch. You like that right there, don’t you? Yeeeeah, you do. Where dat man of yours? Not here! Where? NOT. HERE. BITCH! I’m gonna let this kid know who’s boss. BAM! Fuck yeeeeeah, just like that, all up in his happy home. Who knockin’ at yo door, baby barack? Who knockin’? I’ll tell you who. The man you wish was your daddy. Lick the tip when I’m in there.”

Finally, we have to wonder about the man (and I use the term in the loosest possible way) in this woman’s life. Only a supreme castrati of cosmically immense betatude would accede to the mother of his child slapping an Obama “O” on her distended belly. It’s basically admitting his lower status. It’s saying “Yes, I know you would fuck Obama if he snapped his fingers, and then laugh in my face about it afterwards. And that you subconsciously desire our baby was his instead. Shall I leave my shriveled balls on the nightstand, or just feed them to the goldfish?”

What makes this truly tragically hilarious is that the lesser beta probably *encouraged* her to do this. I bet he came up with the idea and painted it himself, while sipping his organic pig’s scrotum tea for artistic inspiration. Beta males like this vote against their own interest. They vote for candidates, typically liberal Democrats, who would assure their irrelevancy. Alpha males vote libertarian or areligious conservative, preferably paleo-.

An alpha father of her child would let nothing near his woman’s pregnant belly except his own hands and satisfied smile.

All this points up what a disaster it has been for the country since women got the right to vote. The slow, steady implosion of the greatest nation in the history of the world started with suffrage. People think my blog is satiric, but I am dead serious. The facts speak for themselves. When women cast the majority of votes, and especially when a growing number of those female voters are longtime SINGLE women, the country eventually devolves from a center-right powerhouse of beta organized Protestant work ethic and Enlightenment ideals of ceaseless discovery into a limp-wristed, creatively exhausted, kowtowed, leftist, indebted nanny state, and then, in time, is overrun by less faggy patriarchal foes.

In this election, unmarried women voted for Obama by a 70 to 29 percent margin.

“if not for the overwhelming support of unmarried women, John McCain would have won the women’s vote and with it, the White House.”

Unmarried, alpha-chasing urban sluts are the force driving the United States of America to the brink of self-immolation. I thank this new sexually liberated femicentric culture for affording me a bounty of pussy, but you will never catch me footing the bill for one of these aging Whole Foods harpies. And you can bet I would see to it that any woman I’m dating and fucking would not plaster a political candidate’s logo on her body.

There is only one lever she should pull, and that is my cock.

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