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If you want to build a relationship with a girl you’re dating I’d suggest you move out of the big coastal cities. Either escape the city with your girl (you might have to abduct her) or find a girl in a small town, rural backwater, or suburban outpost. There is a portal of anti-love negative energy that issues rays of casual sex and polyamory from the nightlife bowels of DC and works to tear apart any couple stumbling their way toward deeper commitment.

Think about the ways this happens:

Options = Instability

Where you have options, you have trouble sticking by one person. A man dating a girl (or girls) will feel on top of the world and suddenly all those single women traipsing around the city look like much easier targets to approach. His loins will quiver with excitement. A woman transplanted from a less populated region of the country to the big city will become enthralled with all the extra attention from men who are probably much better at playing the game than the men she left back home. Her ego will quiver with expectation.


Christ, how simple it is to maintain a dating carousel when hiding all the people you are banging from each other is as easy as scheduling dates on different days and in different bars, sometimes separated by only a block. When there isn’t a social network of family, friends, and people who generally give a shit about decorum to shame swingers, sexual depravity results. This truly is the golden era of genitalia.

Zero Consequences

Who’s gonna stop you from boffing your girlfriend’s hotter sister? Dad? HA. It is to laugh. Welcome to Plunderdome.


No problem running a stable of regulars when meeting places are within walking distance of central giggity headquarters. Out in the sticks it’d be a pain to meet a second girl when she’s a 50 mile drive away.

Poland here I come. Dzien dobry!


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