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I read this over at the Corner:

Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg says unmarried women made the difference for Obama. Back in 1994, when white male voters were said to be responsible for the GOP’s takeover of Congress, the media came up with a label for them: “angry white men.” Will the media now refer to Greenberg’s voting bloc as “bitter unmarried women”?

Hilarious and true. The more women get pumped and dumped along their journeys to find the elusive alpha male who will swoon for their fading looks, the more likely they are to vote Democrat.

Obama represents that fantasy alpha male figure they wish would marry them. His leftist policies represent the beta provider largesse they want in lieu of an actual beta husband they secretly loathe.

Maxim #2008: Socialists gain when single women who refuse to settle vote. They lose when single women forget to vote on their way to the mall.

Solution for a stronger America: Distract single women with game and shiny things so they forget to vote.


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