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Obama The Master Seducer

Joe T. wrote this comment on the Is Obama Alpha? post:

Obama = inherently a beta who built himself up to “honorary alpha status” through smarts and good speaking skills.

Joe has nailed it. Obama is a great example of how a natural beta can acquire alpha mojo. And acquire it before ever actually achieving something that other men would admire. Obama seduced Michelle when she was higher status — his mentor.

I define an alpha male as one who is desired by many women because that is the best definition that accounts for men who aren’t alpha leaders by the standards of other men but still have what it takes to turn women on and get them to fall in love. Granted, there is a lot of overlap between leader of men alphas and seducer of women alphas, but there are also exceptions. Because fucking is the meaning of life, and because all the societally approved achievements in the world don’t mean a thing if you can’t figure out how to pry her vageen, my elegant definition is inclusive of ALL alpha males.

The one thing every alpha male has in common, and which is the basis for my universal definition: Lots of women desire them.

Obama’s tight game lies in his ability to offer himself up as an empty vessel into which his audience pours their deepest hopes and desires. He does this through a vaguely personalized conversational style (a la Bill Clinton) and cool, unflappable charm. His half-black, half-white background, natural smarts, unusual upbringing, cosmopolitan instincts, grace under pressure, and adaptability bolsters his mystique. He possesses that powerful Clintonesque combination of lulling his listeners into feeling like they are the most important people in the world while never losing sight of his goals and driving the agenda in the direction he wants it to go. The fact that women are swooning for him like he’s a rock star is no surprise to me. Back in 1992, women (and men to a lesser degree) swooned for Bill Clinton.

Obama is a master seducer. Guys who want to do well with women should observe and learn what Obama does to excite pussy across the land. Obama doesn’t have to act on his seductive power; he just has to show you what his power is capable of inciting.

I have written a lot about Obama in the past few days. I may write some more. He’s a fascinating figure — a once in a lifetime incarnation of the social zeitgeist — not just for who he is as a man, but for what he symbolizes about the country, about race, about gender relations, about seduction and game, and ultimately, about us.


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