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The Hag-Political Activism relationship is a simple one: as a former beauty ages into a hag, her bitterness over her lost looks drives her into ideological zealousness. The ideology she typically embraces is a toxic stew of man-hate, denial of sex differences, and insipid platitudes glorifying the lie that beauty is a social construct. Hagtivists are ragingly anti-Trump and anti-Heritage America, and crave the invasion of millions of third worlders onto whom these schoolmarm bitterbitches can project their disfigured maternal instinct.

Alyssa Milano. Ashley Judd. And now, Julia Roberts.

From Inglenook Hampendick,

Take one look at that face, compare it to the hottie from “Steel Magnolias”, and then you know why she’s blathering on about politics today.

TeeVee, Challahwood, and Selfie Media turned a localized curiosity into an enemy force — Hagtivism — capable of destroying civilizations. The hagtivist used to be scorned by her neighbors into checking herself before she wrecked herself; now she gets millions of attacunts from all over the world by other hags equally despondent that the Wall dared to take its tribute in full.

All these seething, ululating hagtivists love nothing more than to spitefully raze the elysian world of White men, as a final act of revenge against being ignored and discarded by a sexual market that once carried them aloft on a cloud of narcissism.

The days before the beta male thirst deluge and the poisoned “Likes” and the insta-fame, there were social constraints limiting the growth of the hagtivist population, but now those constraints are gone, and the hagtivists are multiplying everywhere, like Typhoid Mary, spreading their mental disease and front-holehurt into every cell of the culture. (cue C.O.’s petri dish gif….)

The internet has created a monster. Before the female equivalent of the Jumbotron Test was invented, aging beauties could gently and happily resign themselves to a life of grandchildren and manageably shrunken egos that don’t get fluffed past their sell-by date or inflated beyond their PSI (Pussy Stretch Index) maximum.

No more. From a too-young age, women in the Globohomo era of Lenses and Feedback are made to think their vaginas are Golden Clefts and their attractiveness is eternal, so when the wreckoning comes they are defenseless to handle it with any sort of dignity or wisdom. Instead, they lash out like stuck prigs, angry at men, at tradition, at values, and at anything resembling a societally healthy reinforcement of the cosmic laws. They have spent their prime nubility years with an army of lickspittle betas at their command and an iPhag gripped to the hilt, yelling “Charge!” and running full speed…straight into the Wall. No wonder when the over-the-hill bill comes due, they have no emotional savings to see them through the rough patch. Nothing in our atomized, shekelized culture prepared them for the reality of living past the age of 30.

When Trump said “Build the Wall!”, the associative symbolism of it hit a million screechy termagants right in the dusty feelz.

And now you know why they are hell-bent on destroying the country that has given them so much.

That has given them…too much.


In elitist circles, it’s not polite anymore to call people “stupid redneck,” “dumb wop,” or drunken mick.” So the rich folks have found a way to trash working class Americans by declaring whiteness an illness.

However, what this has done instead is brought all the rednecks, wops, micks, and others together against THEM. This is a fuse they should not have lit.

The pathologization of Whiteness is an EliteWhite workaround to continue to slur FreeWhites as the scope of socially acceptable slurs has narrowed, but the anti-Whiteness campaign has also been accelerated by the huge and growing surge of POCs for whom the urge to slur is more than a status signal to peers; it’s a bloodthirsty howl from their ids.

Elitist Whites, as DoBA wrote, have no idea the hunger and strength of the beast they uncaged. It was all fun and games when these haughty Whites could enjoy a slander or two while clinking their glasses of flavored water, but now that their imported pets have crashed the party it’s an all-nighter of forties, blunts, and gunfire.

Welcome to the jungle you fertilized, shitlibs. I hope you enjoy its…creature comforts.


The Man-Hating Ogress


castrate men

tax their sperm…

Dianne Pappas…immigrated from Poland…a possible [Special]?…

You ever notice the most zealous abortion advocates are ugly women who have no chance in hell of ever needing the services of an abortionist?

You’ll find similarly grotesque man-hating ogresses filling out (heh) the ranks of feminist cunts bleating about “rape culture” who need never worry about being raped.


Artificial Id

Limbicus corticus
The Id is the truth of us
Algorithmic sorticus
The digital id exposes us

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly becoming the Artificial Id, revealing through coded algorithms what we humans really think about taboo topics.

Why does AI think Michael Obama and Scrotal Williams are men?

Oh I dunno, it could be the hulking physiques.

The ripped musculature.

The overhanging brow.

The prognathism.

The shadowed canvas.

AI, like humans, is racist, which just means it notices things and isn’t polite enough to keep those thoughts to itself.

When AI Fails on Oprah, Serena Williams, and Michelle Obama, It’s Time to Face Truth.

Is Joy Buolamwini about to face the truth?

For my MIT Thesis — Gender Shades, …

LOL no. Frizziognomy is real.

All systems performed better on male faces than female faces overall, and all systems performed better on lighter-skinned faces than darker-skinned faces overall. Error rates were as high as 35% for darker-skinned women, 12% for darker-skinned men, 7% for lighter-skinned women, and no more than 1% for lighter-skinned men.

Naturally, she concludes, the AI is fundamentally flawed.

Naturally, she never concludes, the AI is accurate insofar as it hasn’t yet been coded to account for racial differences in masculinity and femininity because, wait for it, the White coders are so anti-racist they fed their AI with false information that black women would exhibit the same feminine features in the same proportions as do White women.

In other words, for facial recognition software to get more accurate, it will have to get even MORE racist.

Ayo hol’ up, once you sift through her intersectionalist bullshit, you find that this chick Buoserengeti is an ally of the dissident right:

Both flawed and somewhat improved facial analysis technology can be used to bolster a surveillance state and can even be applied to lethal autonomous weapons.

Isn’t it great when buobaobabs and chadlords can reach the same moral ground by following divergent paths that meet at the end of the world?



We all know what happens.

Scenario 1: “Yass, queen!” *one billion Likes*

Scenario 2: “Burn the racist!” *quickly deletes tweet, is fired from job anyway*

The violently disparate reactions have nothing to do with “historical minority under-representation” or “White privilege” and everything to do with the chilling knowledge that people instinctively grasp the truth of Scenario 2 and the farce of Scenario 1.


Eat The Rich

200 proof Truth.

If Trump is smart, he’ll get ahead of the second American revolution that has just started polishing its bayonets.

Tragically, I don’t think Trump will escape the Chamber of Commerce cuckcuffs the GOPe, Globohomo, and Javanka slapped on him. He may be the God Emperor, but he’s no Houdini. And I don’t think he wants to be the avatar of economic populism anymore. He thinks he’ll get plaudits for being the President who supercharged “the economy” (read: the 1% rent seekers) with his beautiful tax cuts.

Trump won’t win in 2020 on that record. “Tax cuts” isn’t a winning message.

What is a winning message is the message he ran on leading up to the 2016 election.

He either forgot that or he’s surrounded himself with people who made sure he forgot it.

Trump wins over big donors who snubbed him in 2016

Follow the money. This could be all the proof anyone needs that Trump is governing more like a globalist than like a populist. It bodes ill for his reelection chance. What did Trump do or promise to do to assuage the big GOPe donors he once railed against? Optimistically, it could be a case of the big donors realizing that Trumpism is the future of the GOP, and bending the knee, but so far it has seemed that Trump has done most of the kneeling before the neoliberal establishment.

PS An important twatter thread about how the FBI and other USG surveillance state agents psychologically groom basket cases to agree to terrorist plots. The author warns that these pre-thwarted false flags events have been increasing in frequency lately:


PPS If you’ve wondered why whorenalism is in such a low state and why the Deep State has gotten away with so much chicanery, this is one reason:


Rugged Truth Of The Day

Men tend to look better with age (up to an elderly point). Women, sadly, start looking worse not so long after their 25th birthday, and keep careening downhill.

A lethal id-shiv from Ms. Bacon bandit,

Both men and women become more manly as they age.

In before some nerdhole whines about a still fuckable aging actress….the exception proves the rule.


There are effective methods for taking back the narrative megaphone and the framing optics from the Left. This is one of those methods:

A group of self-described nationalists interrupted an event Saturday at a Washington D.C. bookstore with an author of a book titled “Dying of Whiteness: How the Politics of Racial Resentment Is Killing America’s Heartland.” The group can be seen in videos posted to social media chanting “this land is our land.”

The popular bookstore, Politics and Prose, was hosting an event on Independent Bookstore day with author Jonathan Metzl,

So fuckin special.

who is also a professor of sociology and psychiatry at Vanderbilt University. The group of about a dozen protesters used a bullhorn to interrupt Metzl while he was speaking.

“You would have the white working class trade their homeland for handouts,” a protester said. “But we, as nationalists, and identitarians, can offer the workers of this country, a homeland, our birthright, in addition to health care, good jobs and so forth.”

That’s a great rallying cry, truth be told.


The stick…followed by the carrot…


That’s powerful messaging, with the correct balance of righteous indignation and hopefulness.

No spergy nazilogisms, no calls for violence, just a pitch perfect stab at the underbelly of the anti-White enemy and the promise of a new purpose for disaffected White men.

Attendees booed the protesters and Metzl said as they walked out “let’s take a minute here … what just happened?”

What just happened, Your Specialness, is that you were shaken from your comfortable perch of unchallenged power. Feels bad, mohel?

Politics and Prose co-owner Bradley Graham told CBS Washington, D.C. affiliate WUSA-9 it was a “brief, yet unfortunate interruption.”


Graham told WUSA-9 the store had no warning about the interruption.


Catch them unawares, undefended, on their home turf. Make it quick, get to your point, and get out before the establishment’s pantifa shock troops show up to rearrange the Narrative into something more pleasing to Globohomo and the Chaimstream Media apparatchiks.

Leftoids have to start feeling less smugly confident and untouchable in their redoubts. On the ground, this means White Warriors must (peaceably) intrude in leftoid safe spaces such as urban indie book stores, precocious cafes, and bathhouses. Raise hell, but tactically retreat before the numerically larger forces of Globohomo organize to recover their lost ground and re-assert their dominance over public perception. This is asymmetrical warfare. Live to fight another day against a bigger enemy. Chip away at their media optics and their narrative frame. Keep chipping until you’ve sculpted a whole new optics and narrative. This will take time, and patience, and courage. And smarts. A warren of NPC rabbits is no match for a clever fox who picks them off one by one.

Being a man of the K means you don’t give in to impulse and you have a plan of action before taking on the horde.

PS Metzl is, as you guessed, a hateful anti-White bigot:

White men disrupt reading of Dying Of Whiteness, a book by Jewish doctor Jonathan Metzl that states white people are literally killing themselves through their racism. The book has received positive reviews from NBC News, Vox, Esquire, and Boston Globe. pic.twitter.com/Yr63vWeDmV

— Roosh (@rooshv) April 29, 2019


Evidence of the corrosive effects of subspecies diversity forced into close proximity is found everywhere in the human, animal, and now plant kingdoms.

Via Uncensored Science,

This is fascinating study on kin selection / inclusive fitness where it’s shown that plants show more cooperation with other plants to which they are more closely related.

In other words, plants are racist.

From the abstract:

Kin recognition is important in animal social systems. However, though plants often compete with kin, there has been as yet no direct evidence that plants recognize kin in competitive interactions. Here we show in the annual plant Cakile edentula, allocation to roots increased when groups of strangers shared a common pot, but not when groups of siblings shared a pot. Our results demonstrate that plants can discriminate kin in competitive interactions and indicate that the root interactions may provide the cue for kin recognition. Because greater root allocation is argued to increase below ground competitive ability, the results are consistent with kin selection.

Globohomoists and assorted one world socialists are sorely mistaken if they think they can force competing races of humans to share a “common pot”, instead of their miserable utopia collapsing as each tribe increases its “allocation to roots” to make certain that they suck up all the gibs nutrients while the other groups pay for it with their own withered root systems.

There’s a revealing analogy to draw between plant and human diversity sharing common soil without the common blood: we often cannot see the worst and longest-lasting consequences of diversity because we are so hopefully focused on the crippled little fruits and flowers that manage to grow in the low trust environment of a shared “common pot” while missing the raging tribal root wars occurring underneath the soil which, over time, cause all the competing plant species to wither and die, leaving the surface a desolate wasteland of invasive weeds and lifeless soil, or dominated by one plant that has successfully crowded out the soil space with its aggressive and well-hidden (until it’s too late to reverse once noticed) root tendrils.

A reader notices,

Potatoes, tomatoes, and peppers grow well together in gardens. They are all members of the nightshade family of plants, as is tobacco.

“Germans, English, and Dutch grow well together in nation-states. They are all members of the Inner Hajnal family of Northwest Europeans, as are the Danes.”

Eco suaveeee….

Keepin’ it real…bountiful.


On the topic of “good ones” among the general misfit population of third world vigrants in White nations, PA writes,

The “good ones” can only exist in a state of peace. For example, when your country is exclusively yours and you visit India and meet your social peer there, with whom you find that you have many interests in common.

But the world is now at war. The “good ones” over here are better at mimicry, the better to rape your land. Sure, one can be polite and cordial in a work environment for example, but they never forget that they are part of a conquering nation and you’re the conquered.

In a reverse-conquest setting a century ago, E.M. Forester’s “A Passage to India” asks whether an Englishman and an Indian can be friends. The answer comes via the Indian doctor’s reply to the liberal Englishman: they cannot be friends until the English leave India.

Power differentials exert the biggest influence on human behavior. We act so much differently when we are riding a high of absolute power than when we are beholden to others and deferential as a matter of survival.

PA is right; the masses of migrants know in their bones that they storm our homelands a conquering force, and they act like one (with significant help from traitorous homewreckers within the family). They can feel it as surely as White natives can feel their countries slipping away from them. This instinctual assessment of reality on the ground, as opposed to the manufactured fantasyland of diversity & inclusion pushed by an enemy media and their gullible NPCs, is the emotional force multiplier hyper-charging the intertribe social dynamics on all levels, and which will, if left to overheat into an asymmetrical war in which the invaders are granted all privileges, alibis, and honors while the natives are stripped of dignity and punished for the affront of defending their own interests, end in the last fig leaf about “good ones” fluttering to the ground as the crisis comes into clarifying view.

It’s a very simple calculation. You either cling to your lunatic mutterings about “good ones” as the parcel of territory your ancestors carved out for their posterity is abandoned to the horde, or you get a grip and put away childish banalities to see the world and human nature as it is, instead of as you wish it.

PS An excellent post from The Last Refuge, which really nails in simple language the depredations of the modren neoliberal world economic order.

PPS The dam is so very close to bursting. A prominent Danish pol has openly said Sweden will become an arab state.

PPPS He died at the foot of his pussy pedestal, orbiting no more.
Rest in thirst, Jorah Mormont.


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