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On the topic of “good ones” among the general misfit population of third world vigrants in White nations, PA writes,

The “good ones” can only exist in a state of peace. For example, when your country is exclusively yours and you visit India and meet your social peer there, with whom you find that you have many interests in common.

But the world is now at war. The “good ones” over here are better at mimicry, the better to rape your land. Sure, one can be polite and cordial in a work environment for example, but they never forget that they are part of a conquering nation and you’re the conquered.

In a reverse-conquest setting a century ago, E.M. Forester’s “A Passage to India” asks whether an Englishman and an Indian can be friends. The answer comes via the Indian doctor’s reply to the liberal Englishman: they cannot be friends until the English leave India.

Power differentials exert the biggest influence on human behavior. We act so much differently when we are riding a high of absolute power than when we are beholden to others and deferential as a matter of survival.

PA is right; the masses of migrants know in their bones that they storm our homelands a conquering force, and they act like one (with significant help from traitorous homewreckers within the family). They can feel it as surely as White natives can feel their countries slipping away from them. This instinctual assessment of reality on the ground, as opposed to the manufactured fantasyland of diversity & inclusion pushed by an enemy media and their gullible NPCs, is the emotional force multiplier hyper-charging the intertribe social dynamics on all levels, and which will, if left to overheat into an asymmetrical war in which the invaders are granted all privileges, alibis, and honors while the natives are stripped of dignity and punished for the affront of defending their own interests, end in the last fig leaf about “good ones” fluttering to the ground as the crisis comes into clarifying view.

It’s a very simple calculation. You either cling to your lunatic mutterings about “good ones” as the parcel of territory your ancestors carved out for their posterity is abandoned to the horde, or you get a grip and put away childish banalities to see the world and human nature as it is, instead of as you wish it.

PS An excellent post from The Last Refuge, which really nails in simple language the depredations of the modren neoliberal world economic order.

PPS The dam is so very close to bursting. A prominent Danish pol has openly said Sweden will become an arab state.


PPPS He died at the foot of his pussy pedestal, orbiting no more.
Rest in thirst, Jorah Mormont.


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