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Via cortesar,

this is real, this exists but it should never have
you want an argument to persuade you to finally espouse the radical pool side doctrine/ideology
here it is

Of course, in a relentlessly pozzed show like Gayme of Drones, a waifish girl dispatches dozens of grown men.

I wish I had talent to accurately depict how much I despise, how much I loathe the bugman, the clown world in all its manifestations
But I cannot
It is visceral, it goes beyond words, far beyond rational, far beyond the repulsiveness as we knew it

Automaton fits the bill. This is a form of mass hysteria or mass narcissistic delusion. Individual humans have surrendered their personalities and thoughts to the Hivemind, for the dopaminergic tingle of seeing themselves reflected in a million other like-minded simulacra through the ritualistic viewing of dumb escapist fantasy.

This is the effluvia of both globalism and escape from globalism. These benighted creaturas shrieking and jizzing over a Dungeons & Dragons campaign (with less depth) are the unwitting meat nuggets tossed into the Globohomo maw, desperately trying to escape Globohomo though its digestive tract.

And part of the escapist lure of GOT is the nearly all-White leading cast, a welcome respite from the Diversitopia reality, which these bar room lards would never admit was one of the draws of the show for them. As Johnny Redux commented,

Notice the room is basically 100% White. I am sure that there are various people in there from the Left, the Right, and in the middle. Say what you will about Game of Thrones, including the various POZ scenes and issues, as well as having Jewish producers, but it does show that the European soul has a longing for days of glory gone by, when there were knights, battles of honor, and unified armies fighting against a known, easily identifiable enemy (be that a different race, or even the living dead). The men were men, not sissies. That is why other shows, even with various POZ and historical (generally, pro-feminist) inaccuracies, are very, very popular – like Vikings and Knightfall. It is part of the European soul…a different soul from other races.

Yakub reminds me of something I wrote on the matter,

Pop culture has become a touchstone because Americans have so little in common anymore that they must reach for quips and scenes from pozzed TV shows to manufacture fellow-feeling.

Organic community is gone, so Challahwood invented an inorganic community to replace it.

Which was the plan all along.

Millions of Americans orgasm over waif assassins and costumed superheroes as their nations fall one by one to the logic of the locust swarm.

When the rot is deep and irreversible, it doesn’t require nihilistic abandon to decide that poolside is the best option left.

At least a poolside escape will leave your dignity intact.


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