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Captain Obvious leaves a comment that reminds us of the forgotten White Americans who are the core constituency of the Trump Era. Trump campaigned as a champion of the downtrodden like the people from the dying towns vividly recollected by CO:

PA: “you still see Art Deco theatres along main street”

Last year, I went to get some furniture off of Craigslist, I had to drive way out into the countryside, to an old mill town, along some train tracks, in the middle of nowhere.

It’s largely a ghost town now [which is why the dude could afford to rent an entire industrial building to store his junque], but right there at the corner of the main intersection was the collapsing remnant of an old Art Deco theater.

And the site of that theater made a very strong impression on me.

Circa the late 1980s, this still would have been a thriving furniture town [it’s in furniture country], but after NAFTA & MFN for China, the local economy simply collapsed & vanished – pretty much over night.

The remaining White folks [in one of these towns] will either be on welfare [& opioids], or else they’ll be driving 25 to 50 miles every day, to one of the “Modren Economy” cities, for an humiliating purposeless job as a peon bowing dutifully before some politically-correct conglomeration of Bluetopia shekel-mongering parasites.

All of the old mill towns are like that now: Furniture, Textiles, even Logging [to a certain extent].

Once-gorgeous old towns. Once-grand old boulevards. Once-thriving local commerce.

Today they’re all dilapidated & falling apart, with just a handful of pensioners trying desperately to hold things together.

And when the pensioners die off, these will all become ghost towns.

Open Borders and Cheap Labor Trade did a lot to gut these heartland towns and immiserate the Americans living there. So did greedy elite malfeasance and outright (((hostility))) to Heritage America. Steve Bannon has said that the seeds of the Trump Revolution were planted during the housing market crash of 2008, when the BushObama Uniparty bailed out wealthy bankers and financiers. Heritage Americans from these dying towns rapidly infested by border hopping moochers and the detritus of forced integration policies looked at that dereliction of government duty to act as a check on Globohomo predations and rightly asked themselves, “Is this my country anymore? Who will look out for me and mine?”, and then rightly answered their own question by electing Trump.

Many good comments on this all-important topic. From bigjohn33,

I’m all for America getting a divorce. Trying to live in a diverse society is intolerable. I’m in the process of white-flighting a mid-sized American city. It sucks. I really like my house and property. I built a business here and have good friends and neighbors. My commute to work is about 5 minutes. Everything is convenient. And there is really cool stuff in the city. Theres a historic district with many blocks of houses from the 1800s that are big and beautiful and well kept. There’s a downtown with bars and restaurants and music.


The city is dying. The population decreases every year and it is rapidly becoming a black and brown shithole. I think white people will be a minority when the 2020 census comes out.
And it is 100% from “diversity”. It isn’t jobs. Jobs go where people are not vice versa. It’s black and brown people. Nobody (including them) wants to live around them. So they metastasize like a cancer throughout the city. Hundreds of blocks around the downtown are in ruins. Burned out blighted slums and urban prairies where there used to be blue-collar neighborhoods and schools. It is ugly. And it is eventually going to consume the whole city. The only way to stop it would bringing back race-based zoning restrictions, the repeal of which in the late 1960s started the process. It’s about a 20 year pattern (it’s accelerating) from working class white to working class mixed race to black and hispanic crime-infested ghettos.

My neighborhood is where the slums were demographically 20 years ago. So I’m bailing. And I don’t like it. It shouldn’t be like this. I want a nation where my kids can raise kids in the same neighborhood they grew up in. I hate this nomadic bullshit. I want a homeland.

Do you know which group loves that nomadic bullshit? Hint: It’s in their blood.

From PA,

Distant second, decentralize wealth.

When you go to those shuttered little towns in the middle of nowhere you still see Art Deco theatres along main street, indicating a past that had a rich and youthful local life.

There is literally no such thing as good immigration. Immigration’s flip side, emigration, ruins towns and countries too.

“Decentralizing wealth” is a catchy term. I’ve called it “de-urbanization“, and the idea is the same: to disperse the concentrated power of shitlibs from the big blue coastal megalopolises and spin off economic activity to towns and smaller-scaled cities. The knock off benefits are limitless: more social trust, more locally sourced governance, less State surveillance, less social and sexual dysfunction, more cultural continuity, and on and on.

Related by way of a confluence of corruption, commenter Dallas Control reminds us that the media is an enemy of the people, and the only solution is culling the media ranks of the leftoid automatons* who occupy them.

I’m surprised, or maybe (((not surprised))), that there isn’t more coverage of and outrage over Fox’s refusal to run the ad; by outlets like Breitbart.

Fox’s refusal needs to be highlighted and unforgotten.

Neocon cutouts are a large part of our problem, and Fox is their primary gatekeeping tool.

Fox needs to lose its credibility with conservative-normies in-total as fast as possible, leading to a crisis in media representation for half of the nation that can then be solved with something more legitimate.

If the entirety of the media is rightly viewed as being in the bag for only half of the nation, then even liberals will have to tacitly concede a degree of media corruption.

Currently, Fox’s paper-thin conservative veneer enables liberals a measure of plausible deniability in regard to the total communist corruption of our institutions. They can’t be allowed that luxury.

Fox has to go in the general manner that Glen Beck did. Through a massive, widespread, and unrelenting ridicule effort and a resultant steep decline in viewership.

We have to kill the one media bastion of talmud-conservatism to save the country for a real nationalist conservative media. Sorry, Tucker. You will be welcomed into the new revolutionary media.



From J.R., a comment which segues into the meat of this post:

one reason ppl watch TV and Movies is to feel connected to pop culture

for better or worse, most ppl enjoy knowing about the Hit New Show and the Super Popular Movie and hate feeling out of touch

so here’s one really simple way to keep up with Movies – just read spoilers

The Movie Spoiler

Pop culture has become a touchstone because Americans have so little in common anymore that they must reach for quips and scenes from pozzed TV shows to manufacture fellow-feeling. Here’s another suggestion: disperse the concentrated wealth and power of the shitlib coastal megacities. Revitalize towns and smaller-scaled cities. The result is people who are more connected socially to their own communities and thus have less need to search for social connection through deracinated globalized pop culture.


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