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The Prowling Mob

Pantifa losers have stepped up their warfare tactics and are now targeting well-known anti-Left TV pundits for harassment. Today, the mewling little pencilneck freak parade surrounded Tucker Carlson’s home and threatened him.

BREAKING. Activists ring doorbell, hold protest at the Washington DC area home of @TuckerCarlson, racist, sexist, bigoted FOX News personality. So far no one has opened the door.

“Tucker Carlson, we will fight!
We know where you sleep at night!”#KnockKnockTucker pic.twitter.com/A3S3c6croi

— Smash Racism DC (@SmashRacismDC) November 7, 2018


“No borders! No walls! No USA at all!”

This is what we think of your racist rhetoric and fearmongering toward immigrants, @TuckerCarlson.#KnockKnockTucker pic.twitter.com/2KHHPzQGkx

— Smash Racism DC (@SmashRacismDC) November 8, 2018


Smash Racism DC also posted a picture of a sign on Carlson’s door with his address written on it — which was removed by Twitter after inquiries from journalists. The account remains active however, despite all the threats made on their feed.

The group dispersed a couple minutes after the police arrived. No arrests were made.

No arrests were made. Why? This seems like a clear case of stalking and harassment. Why are these obnoxious pantifa shits permitted to get away with this? Would you like it if your kids were huddled in their bedrooms hearing a mewling mob outside the front door menacingly shouting “we know where you sleep at night”?

If the cops won’t do anything about these left-wing domestic terrorists, then eventually their victims will do something. So here’s a suggestion to our new acting attorney shitlord. Make an example of the “Smash Racism” miscreants. Perp walks, jail time, and public ridicule.

Here’s another suggestion, for American patriots: dox this Smash Racism gutter filth and do to them what they love doing to us. Show up at their basement apartment hovels and shout at them all night, until the cops show up. I bet more than a few of these limpwrists would piss their panties and take a break from the radical anti-White protestor life.

PS The vid is down, but the ringleader shouting into the megaphone is a giraffe-necked freak named Mike Isaacson.

Smash RacismDC went beserk @TuckerCarlson‘s home
threatening him & his family

“We know where you sleep”

A year ago Smash Founder M. Isaacson was interviewed by Tucker

The violence Tucker experienced tonight is foretold in this creepy telltale interview.https://t.co/so6RlZEvx6— Penelope Maynard (@penelope7usa) November 8, 2018

I wish the video was still available, because you’d hear Isaacson’s voice cranked up to Rage Mode, and let’s just say that he sounds EVEN MORE EFFETE than he does in that Tucker interview. A lisping, uptalking, gayvoice.

The shitlib NPC never fails to confirm stereotypes.

PPS The rise of housestalking by pantifags is a serious escalation in aggression. What you’re seeing are the first volleys of Civil War 2. I wish I was kidding.


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