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If Trump is smart, he’ll get ahead of the second American revolution that has just started polishing its bayonets.

Tragically, I don’t think Trump will escape the Chamber of Commerce cuckcuffs the GOPe, Globohomo, and Javanka slapped on him. He may be the God Emperor, but he’s no Houdini. And I don’t think he wants to be the avatar of economic populism anymore. He thinks he’ll get plaudits for being the President who supercharged “the economy” (read: the 1% rent seekers) with his beautiful tax cuts.

Trump won’t win in 2020 on that record. “Tax cuts” isn’t a winning message.

What is a winning message is the message he ran on leading up to the 2016 election.

He either forgot that or he’s surrounded himself with people who made sure he forgot it.

Trump wins over big donors who snubbed him in 2016

Follow the money. This could be all the proof anyone needs that Trump is governing more like a globalist than like a populist. It bodes ill for his reelection chance. What did Trump do or promise to do to assuage the big GOPe donors he once railed against? Optimistically, it could be a case of the big donors realizing that Trumpism is the future of the GOP, and bending the knee, but so far it has seemed that Trump has done most of the kneeling before the neoliberal establishment.

PS An important twatter thread about how the FBI and other USG surveillance state agents psychologically groom basket cases to agree to terrorist plots. The author warns that these pre-thwarted false flags events have been increasing in frequency lately:


PPS If you’ve wondered why whorenalism is in such a low state and why the Deep State has gotten away with so much chicanery, this is one reason:


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