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There are effective methods for taking back the narrative megaphone and the framing optics from the Left. This is one of those methods:

A group of self-described nationalists interrupted an event Saturday at a Washington D.C. bookstore with an author of a book titled “Dying of Whiteness: How the Politics of Racial Resentment Is Killing America’s Heartland.” The group can be seen in videos posted to social media chanting “this land is our land.”

The popular bookstore, Politics and Prose, was hosting an event on Independent Bookstore day with author Jonathan Metzl,

So fuckin special.

who is also a professor of sociology and psychiatry at Vanderbilt University. The group of about a dozen protesters used a bullhorn to interrupt Metzl while he was speaking.

“You would have the white working class trade their homeland for handouts,” a protester said. “But we, as nationalists, and identitarians, can offer the workers of this country, a homeland, our birthright, in addition to health care, good jobs and so forth.”

That’s a great rallying cry, truth be told.


The stick…followed by the carrot…


That’s powerful messaging, with the correct balance of righteous indignation and hopefulness.

No spergy nazilogisms, no calls for violence, just a pitch perfect stab at the underbelly of the anti-White enemy and the promise of a new purpose for disaffected White men.

Attendees booed the protesters and Metzl said as they walked out “let’s take a minute here … what just happened?”

What just happened, Your Specialness, is that you were shaken from your comfortable perch of unchallenged power. Feels bad, mohel?

Politics and Prose co-owner Bradley Graham told CBS Washington, D.C. affiliate WUSA-9 it was a “brief, yet unfortunate interruption.”


Graham told WUSA-9 the store had no warning about the interruption.


Catch them unawares, undefended, on their home turf. Make it quick, get to your point, and get out before the establishment’s pantifa shock troops show up to rearrange the Narrative into something more pleasing to Globohomo and the Chaimstream Media apparatchiks.

Leftoids have to start feeling less smugly confident and untouchable in their redoubts. On the ground, this means White Warriors must (peaceably) intrude in leftoid safe spaces such as urban indie book stores, precocious cafes, and bathhouses. Raise hell, but tactically retreat before the numerically larger forces of Globohomo organize to recover their lost ground and re-assert their dominance over public perception. This is asymmetrical warfare. Live to fight another day against a bigger enemy. Chip away at their media optics and their narrative frame. Keep chipping until you’ve sculpted a whole new optics and narrative. This will take time, and patience, and courage. And smarts. A warren of NPC rabbits is no match for a clever fox who picks them off one by one.

Being a man of the K means you don’t give in to impulse and you have a plan of action before taking on the horde.

PS Metzl is, as you guessed, a hateful anti-White bigot:

White men disrupt reading of Dying Of Whiteness, a book by Jewish doctor Jonathan Metzl that states white people are literally killing themselves through their racism. The book has received positive reviews from NBC News, Vox, Esquire, and Boston Globe. pic.twitter.com/Yr63vWeDmV

— Roosh (@rooshv) April 29, 2019


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