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Artificial Id

Limbicus corticus
The Id is the truth of us
Algorithmic sorticus
The digital id exposes us

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly becoming the Artificial Id, revealing through coded algorithms what we humans really think about taboo topics.

Why does AI think Michael Obama and Scrotal Williams are men?

Oh I dunno, it could be the hulking physiques.

The ripped musculature.

The overhanging brow.

The prognathism.

The shadowed canvas.

AI, like humans, is racist, which just means it notices things and isn’t polite enough to keep those thoughts to itself.

When AI Fails on Oprah, Serena Williams, and Michelle Obama, It’s Time to Face Truth.

Is Joy Buolamwini about to face the truth?

For my MIT Thesis — Gender Shades, …

LOL no. Frizziognomy is real.

All systems performed better on male faces than female faces overall, and all systems performed better on lighter-skinned faces than darker-skinned faces overall. Error rates were as high as 35% for darker-skinned women, 12% for darker-skinned men, 7% for lighter-skinned women, and no more than 1% for lighter-skinned men.

Naturally, she concludes, the AI is fundamentally flawed.

Naturally, she never concludes, the AI is accurate insofar as it hasn’t yet been coded to account for racial differences in masculinity and femininity because, wait for it, the White coders are so anti-racist they fed their AI with false information that black women would exhibit the same feminine features in the same proportions as do White women.

In other words, for facial recognition software to get more accurate, it will have to get even MORE racist.

Ayo hol’ up, once you sift through her intersectionalist bullshit, you find that this chick Buoserengeti is an ally of the dissident right:

Both flawed and somewhat improved facial analysis technology can be used to bolster a surveillance state and can even be applied to lethal autonomous weapons.

Isn’t it great when buobaobabs and chadlords can reach the same moral ground by following divergent paths that meet at the end of the world?


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