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February 2009 Comment Winner

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The comments were bursting with fruit flavor in February.

February 2009 Comment Winner

It’s Satr expressing his thanks for all the good that I do:

thanks for your progressive and humanist blogging and keep making the world a better place

I carry my burden with a happy heart.

Comment Winner Runner-up

Sebastian Flyte answers Freud’s age old question “what do women really want?” in the comments to my post praising the neg as an opener:

This is what women want.  They WANT to feel unworthy of a guy and then win him over.  Attraction is bascially showing a girl you are out of her league.  That’s all.  The neg does this.  I remember a guy in my secondary school who just straight up told a girl to ‘look in her own league’ when approached – he was with her a week later.  Women have a psychological need to feel inadequate before their man.  This must be demonstrated in one way or another, otherwise attraction just won’t burst forth.

Honorable Mentions

Colin Bowel explains how he reverses a flake in my post discussing this important geopolitical matter:

This is like the time I texted a girl saying “whats up sucky mcdicksucker” and ten minutes later she came over and sucked my dick.

In the same post, Tood ventures a guess that Hulk Hogan’s divorce proceedings will be worse than the sum total of blows he received over his career:

The Hulkster needs GAME.

But the divorce laws are brutalizing Hulk Hogan in a manner that 20 years of being pounded, slammed, and clotheslined by Andre the Giant, the Undertaker, Randy Savage, and the Ultimate Warrior cannot match.

It’s true. Most men would rather take a collapseable metal chair over the head than experience the joy of a cold loveless ex-wife on the warpath of revenge.

Commenter Z tells you exactly what kind of women you are likely to meet online in this post:


1) OLDER WOMEN IN THEIR LATE 20’s-thru-early 40’s.

2) Divorced women who are stuck with their kid(s), thus cannot go out at night very often.

2) Women slumming through the week (only go out to bars on the weekends), hoping to meet some guy with money

3) Broke chicks who dont have the money to pay cover charges at bars

4) Women looking for a fuckbuddy with the looks and equipment she craves (Size queens and muscle-worshippers…………oft will ask for pictures of your dick with a tape measure, etc).

5) Gold-diggers (see number 2)

6) Women who dont have any other single gal pals, and dont want to go to bars “alone”.

7) Cheating wives looking for something on the side, but cannot safely get out to bars without being caught.

Numbers 3 and 6 are your best bet for finding a sweet, attractive and mentally stable woman online.

Whiskey boils the battle of the sexes down to one sentence in this post:

Paraphrasing Spengler, Women in the West (where they have genuine choice) get the men they deserve, and create: PUA pump and dump players, man-boy geeks opting out of a losing game for diversions, and angry older bitter losers.

You gotta play the system you’re given.

Howard Roark offers the MOAN (Mother OF All Negs) in my “Neg As Opener” post:

In college I was friends with a true natural, with unbelieveable instincts for game. One time he came up to us in a small group and sat down, there were two cute girls with us. I knew them, he didn’t really. After sitting down, he used a line, and to this day, I’ve never seen one line just dismantle a girl’s entire mental machinery like this:

“Hey [Girl’s name], you know what? You dress exactly like my mother.”

I’ve never seen anything be over so fast; it was like a secret death blow from an ancient ninjitsu manuscript. She freaked out. Is that an insult? Well, if you’re saying MY mom has no style it was. Then she’s asking him if his mom is hot. He’s like what the fuck is wrong with you, I don’t know if my mom is hot. Her panties were all abunch, she was all over him. But she was like a trapped rat. Amazing.

That was the day I learned the power of what I later (10 years later) read on the internet was called a “neg”. It is so sacred a line that I’ve actually never used it. Somebody should.

I have yet to try it. When I do, I’ll report on the results.

Cannon’s Canon tells us how he rates women on the fuckability scale:

The one redeeming quality about the DC slut machine is that she seems to show some moderate calf musculature.  (The huge feet I could do without)  My old lifting partner and I will always ask of each others’ women how big their calves are, to evaluate them as breeding stock for powerful legs.

G Manifesto relpies to another commenter’s description of the perfect date with his formula for success:

“I would take red scarf out to a nice restaurant and then a walk on the beach. Afterwards, I would sit with her on a park bench and watch the sunset while we told each other stories about our families. The next day, I would call her and feel real nervous until she picked up. I would bring her flowers on our second date and take her to a live play or musical performance.”

Good comment.

I would get high off Hashish and Absinthe and swoop her in a Czech Hostel.

Then go on partying.

Readers wonder if the G is real or a grandiose put-on. I don’t know and I don’t care. Just lean back in your Dutailier leather chair and enjoy it like a long smooth puff of a Cohiba Siglo cigar.

David Alexander cements his position as Troll Overlord:

Foul skags are an excellent source of hugs though.

Sara embraces the reality of the sexual market:

Reading this blog has made me realize that men are by and large doing this type of very important mental calculation when they check me out. I have an urge sometimes to go up to them to point out a few flaws they may not have noticed. At the end of it, I’m sure my rating would go from whatever to goose egg, at which point I’d be satisfied that I’d done my best at full disclosure.

Although Sara hates on me with righteous fembot fury, I don’t inflict my sadistic cruelty on her. If you wonder why Sara gets a relatively free pass, it’s because she leavens her hate with feminine charm. You other haters may want to take note.

Racer X feels the pain of those women who cannot have:

The last pic is a fling. Why? Because she is looking despondent, knowing that she will not be able to enjoy forever being plowed by alpha cock on a nightly basis. She is less than standard beauty wise, a little chubby, and not up to his highest tastes. She knows this, hence the look of dejection on her face. She knows that she will be forever doomed to being fucked by the small penises of lesser males than he. She knows she is ruined forever. To have even tasted his cock once and never have it again is fate worse than anything she can imagine. No woman could endure that.

Dick fuel describes how alphas and betas piss in my post on Paul Newman’s alphatude:

betas piss hunched over staring at their itsy bitsy

alphas lean back and arch their stream

This is a surprisingly accurate observation.

Expat illustrates the effectiveness of pithy lowbrow insults with an unintentionally hilarious response:

“You fag!”

What rejoinder are you looking for?  It’s a football-hooligan type conversation stopper.  I don’t quite get your motivation, or your point.  Truly.  I have no concept whatsoever of why you bother being so inane.

Expat, you’re a gold member commenter, I love ya, but that reply was fuckin awesome.

Kthulah confirms her status as a delusional superfreak whose opinions on human sexual dynamics are useful only for mocking:

Anony, most men are hypocrites when it comes to sex, but it’s not unheard of for a guy to “outsource” if something happens to him that he can’t perform.  The worry that pops up for these guys is losing the wife.  If he doesn’t have that worry, it makes things much easier for him…sort of like with my ex.

Once we figured out what his problem was, I actually considered and then looked into having myself reproductively neutralized.  That means a full hysterectomy and clitorectomy.  I’m not a strict monogamist, but the idea of our union possibly being threatened by someone else just because I was horny, was not appealing.

As it turned out, the ethnic situation here takes care of most of that issue.  So he was right not to let me go through with the operations.  He told me to find some young virile guy who respected me well enough, and get laid.

Lunatic fringe… We know you’re out there…

PA, another commenter in good standing, nails the evil of third world mass immigration (and, yes, it is evil) in my post on the justice meted out to a whore wife who cuckolded her beta hubbie:

Mass immigration benefits the ruling elites economically by crippling the middle class and depreciating the price of labor, politically by supplying socialist voters, and culturally by deracinating the country’s core ethnic group.

Mass immigration, particularly of incompatible newcomers, is a classic divide-and-conquer strategy of the ruling classes.

Simply beautiful in its precise and unassailable truth. Well done.

Obsidian compares PUA to Jedis and Sith. How can I not appreciate that?

In the Jedi world, there are 7 official forms, or styles of combat. Each style emphasizes a particular aspect of fighting, and by extension an aspect of its user.

Yoda, who is by his very nature dimunitive, uses a style that takes advantage of this, making him a very hard target to hit (Ataru, Form IV).

Anakin, who is driven by his passions, chooses a style that best reflects a more “raw Alpha” vibe, Shem-Djo, if my spelling is right (Form V).

Obiwan’s style relies a much more passive approach, which makes him very tough to beat, because his defences are so good (Soresu, Form III).

Mace Windu, like Anakin, draws his power from a deep well of passion; his form of combat is both unorthodox and all-emcompassing/overwhelming at the same time. In fact, only a handful of Jedi have ever even successfully used his style, and when they do, they invariably fall to the Dark Side (Vapaad, Form VII).

Dooku’s style, Makashi, is a true fencer’s art; it is a statement about his sense for flair and elegance, as well as for precision (Form II).

Since references to the Jedi are common in the PUA community, I think it might do well for many of its adherents to contemplate things like this as they consider which dojo they wish to draw from. Congruency is the key here. It must be a natural fit for you in order to get the most out of it, and one reason why a lot of guys fail at Game is because they fail to develop their introspective sides of themselves.

When you sit down and think about what I’ve just written above, you’ll see large elements of each Jedi’s principal style in the way they approach Game among known and even lesser known PUAs. For example, he doesn’t strike me as an Obiwan type. More like an Anakin. Style is more Obiwan.

Anakin. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Marvelous Bastard notes a raw ugly truth I’ve written about before:

Women love it when he tears apart the beta boys, but they hate it when he turns it on the ladies.

This solidarity among the sisterhood is creepy.  You don’t see the men in this forum standing up for the betas, but start making generalizations about women and the ladies get defensive.

It’s always amusing for me to corner my detractors when they commit this sin of the human ego.

Welmer explains why women are opposed to paternity testing:

Interestingly, when I did some research into adultery legislation, it was most frequently women who opposed it or suggested it was a waste of time.

To me, this suggests that more wives than husbands cheat, or at least more wives want to keep the option open. What I think is going on is that a few men cheat on their wives a lot, and a lot of women cheat some.

That’s exactly right. Women have more incentive to keep open the option of cheating on their spouse. Like I’ve said before: Incentives matter. Schools should teach a separate class called “Concepts of Incentives”. It would help dispel a lot of pretty lies people bring with them into the voting booth.

Kick a Bitch, doing what he was put on this earth to do:

both are fat, would only let them give me head. i would also try my best to gizz on their face.

granted, this would apply to most women but wth, figured i would toss it out there.

Anon embraces the alpha/beta distinction in my post about Chris Brown:

Ah yes, its beating up on girls is completely Alpha, in much the same way kicking puppies and stealing candies from babies is Alpha.  The rampaging chimp last week that blinded and maimed some poor woman?-Complete Alpha, running the ultimate neg on the woman.  All those victims had it coming, and really deep inside, wanted it.

In human female world, Travis was indeed an alpha. It wasn’t until a human male showed up with a male-invented gun did Travis resume his place in the pecking order.

Welmer wins a two-fer honorable mention for this exceptional exegesis in the Chris Brown post:

It is interesting how these kinds of revelations result in hysteria. You know, I think half the reason women enjoy the concept of a physically combative sexual relationship is that it creates exactly the kind of drama that empowers them.

Men have an unquestionable lust for war, which is about struggle between groups of men for dominance, yet women, too, have their own penchant for violence and dominance. A woman’s most powerful asset is her ability to harness the destructive power of men, and if she can provoke a man to physical violence it is often a deeply pleasurable experience for her.

This tendency is immortalized in the Norse sagas in this Icelandic proverb:

“eru köld kvenna ráð”

“Cold is the counsel of woman.”

This quote follows a woman’s demands that a man who had insulted her honor be killed.

A violent man is a tool of women, and therefore a good mate. If he doesn’t kill her, she is empowered. This, I think, is the evolutionary explanation for attraction to men who have a tendency to lash out with physical force. The enraged man is an extension of her own power, so it is not so much submission that motivates her desire, but rather the power to inflict damage. To possess a dangerous man is the feminine equivalent of male bloodlust.

Over and over we read about the likes of Cleopatra and Helen of Troy, yet men are foolish enough to ignore received wisdom. The continued effeminacy of American men will eventually be the ruin of American women, as there will eventually be nobody left to fight for them. I welcome such an outcome, as there is no reason to fight for a woman who offers nothing but treachery in return.

This was Homer’s lesson, and it stands today.

Along the same vein of why women love men who hit them, Shadowexit posts a poem written by a 19 year old girl:

My back against the couch
I enjoy
your power over me
When you throw the condom away
and me too
I feel sick
because I like it
with an asshole like you

There is more wisdom and beauty in this girl’s heartfelt poem than in all the postmodern poetical dreck in the world. And no, I am not kidding.

Expat also scores an honorable mention two-fer with this trenchant observation:

Men try to win the argument in order to win over the group, women try to win over the group, in order to win the argument.

That’s how I know who are the women on this board.

Make it a three-some. The first one ever here at le Chateau. Congrats, Expat!

I’m only slowly realizing why DA brings out revulsion in me.

He is the antichrist.  The anti joy.  The anti life.  The anti struggle.  The anti personal betterment.  He is unholy, like stagnant water.

The antichrist will be a nauseatingly trollish beta. You heard it here first.

Well done, readers. An impressive list of winners this past month.


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