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The Neg As Opener

I’m coming to the conclusion that the best opener is a neg straight out of the gate. In order to set the right tone as soon as you begin talking to a girl, you want to establish alpha cred immediately before any of her beta-sniffing circuits have had a chance to subconsciously dress you down. The quickest way to sear alpha grill lines in a woman’s heart is through the neg. 8s and above require a neg no matter what, 6s and 7s may require them depending on your relative attractiveness to your target, and 5s and below should not need them unless you are so hideous it’s all you can do to prevent her from dismissing you outright.

Here are four neg openers I regularly use, in descending order of proto-assholery.

1. “Bad hair” opener

This is an original.

ME: [looking disapprovingly at her head] Doing your hair like that is only going to attract the wrong kind of guy.
GIRL: [if she’s cool and witty] Are you saying you’re the wrong kind of guy?
ME: Since I noticed that hairstyle, I must be.


ME: Doing your hair like that is only going to attract the wrong kind of guy.
GIRL: [if she’s not cool or witty] What’s that supposed to mean?
ME: You hair covers half your face, like you’re trying to hide something. The wrong kind of guys love that. [turn my back]

2. “You suck” opener

Unless the environment is chock full of interesting goings-on that I can use as situational openers, I borrow openers from PUA material I read on the net or have heard from friends. The “You suck” opener is one of those.

ME: [walking up to girls after hanging back for a while] Do you know why you guys suck?
GIRLS: [usually looking shocked] Excuse me!?
ME: [smiling] Because you’ve been checking me out for ten minutes and you didn’t come over to say Hi. Bad manners. And a little creepy.

3. “If you wanted to meet me” opener

Another PUA classic.

ME: [after girl bumps into me] Whoa, if you wanted to meet me, you could just say Hi.

4. “Hi” opener

ME: Hi

OK, this isn’t a neg. But I use it all the time as a fallback. Looking back over the years on my many cold approaches, the more asshole-y my opener, the likelier I was to get the girl into bed. There’s just no getting around it — bold, even offensive, openers work best for cold approaches in competitive mating environments. (Day Game needs a subtler touch.) While “Hi” is a safe, all-purpose opener, it’s not high impact like the others; you’ve got to climb uphill from “Hi” to prove to the girl you aren’t like every other boring guy. With an edgy asshole opener, you’ve proven it from the first words out of your mouth. After an asshole cluster bomb rattles her beaver bunker, she’ll be much more receptive to your game.

I found this Brad P opener on the net:

The Weird Horse Girl opener

YOU: “Hey do you like horses?”
GIRL: ”HUH? ummm yea i guess.”
YOU: “Hmm, I thought so. OK check this out, when I was in the 6th grade, there was this girl who loved horses. She used to run around the playground for an hour straight at lunchtime. She’d be galloping and making horse noises. We used to call her the weird horse girl.”
GIRL: “Yeah, so?”
YOU: “well…you look JUST LIKE HER!”

Then if she responds well you continue by saying you’re sorry about what you did back then, because you used to make fun of her but now you are older and more mature and feel bad about it, etc. etc.

I like it. What a mindfuck of a neg! Although this isn’t exactly my style (a bit too wordy for an opener), I’m going to give it a trial run. Many girls really do appreciate creativity, as long as it doesn’t sound like you’re trying too hard to impress her. Keep the obscure literary references to yourself, professor.

If I can get a girl into bed starting with just “Hi” then I know she’s a potential quality girl. I mentally bump her up into my Tier 1 girls. It says good things about a girl if she has enough control over her feral instincts that being a dick isn’t needed to capture her interest.

When I need to get in the right frame of mind for opening girls, I recall this scene from Bad Santa:

Billy Bob Thornton is sitting at a bar wearing his Santa outfit and drowning his misery.

Hot Chick Bartender: So Santa, do you have a real name?
Billy Bob: Yes.

He never tells her his name. All the right attitude conveyed in one word and one unspoken word.


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