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When she says:

I feel like you know everything about me, but I know nothing about you.

you’re on the right track. She is interested in you enough to want a two-way information stream. She’s begging for a connection. A girl has not escalated to Code Tingling Pussy interest level until she starts asking you questions about yourself.

(The Code Interest levels are:

  • Code Snapped Shut Pussy
  • Code Desiccated Pussy
  • Code Semi-arid Pussy
  • Code Mexican Border Virtual Fence Pussy
  • Code Tingling Pussy
  • Code Electrified Pussy
  • Code Moist Pussy
  • Code Open Faucet Pussy
  • Code Deluge Pussy
  • Code Explosive Hydropower Pussy)

When you hear the above line from a girl on a first date, know that you’ve done the following things right:

  • remained an elusive mystery
  • did not give away the store to try to win her approval
  • have intrigued her just enough to cause her subconscious to spit forth her true feelings
  • have made her feel comfortable revealing herself to you

Once you hear this from your date, do not clamp down on the “beta bait” and start reeling off factoids about yourself in an effort to appease the gods watching over her pussy. The best thing to say in response is something along the lines of:

Totally untrue. [raise an eyebrow and smile] I told you that I’m a dog person.

She’ll get the joke, and her Code Electrified Pussy will thank you for not failing her shit test.

Eventually, you will have to tell her about yourself in order to manufacture build a genuine rapport. Even the coolest laconic cats leaned back deep into the couch find the right time to mutter a few choice teasers about themselves. If your girl is saying she doesn’t know anything about you on the second date, you’ve pushed your tight-lipped act too far. Mystery can turn to slippery evasion can morph to suspicious secrecy and finally gel into dull lump with nothing to say in her mind within the span of an hour.

Like all good seductions, what you don’t say is as important as what you say, and impeccable timing is the intangible skill that separates the professional from the amateur.


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