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I left a comment in Roosh’s post about fat people in modern society being OK with their slovenly appearance (my theory: removal of shaming controls and safety in numbers) in response to the following preposterous assertion by another commenter named Heather:

is it possible to be fat and happy? speaking from personal experience: yep. i fully realize that i’m in the minority, but here is the reality: i’m in spinning class three days a week, yoga four times a week, i walk everywhere, been a vegetarian for the last 18 years, shop at the farmer’s market every week, have an enviable boyfriend, a career that i love and that lets me have my own lovely apartment in expensive-ass san francisco, amazing friends, am crafty as a motherfucker….i could go on. oh, and i’m 5′5″ and 185 pounds.

my point? be careful of casting disparaging judgments on an entire class of people. everyone has their own thing going on, and making assumptions about the happiness of others is shallow and ignorant, at best.

Here was my reply to the very large 5’5″ 185lb Heather:

heather, are you familiar with the ethiopian famine of the mid-1980s? millions starving, and a bunch of euro pop stars got together and wrote a song called “do they know its christmas?” and sang feed the world. bob geldof organized charities. the media was streaming video and pics from ethiopia during that famine.

care to guess how many of those ethiopians were fat?
yeah, not a one.
you can try to fool everyone here but you can’t fool the second law of thermodynamics — if you eat less food you will lose weight.

heather, you are a big fat bowling ball. 5′5″ 185 lbs is disgustingly obese on anyone who isn’t a world class male bodybuilder or powerlifter. if you aren’t lying about your exercise regimen and your vegetarianism, then the simple conclusion remains that you are eating way too much plant food or ice cream and/or exercising with the intensity of a slug for you to be that fat. because i guarantee that if you ate 200 calories worth of food per day for the next two months you WILL lose weight. there is no getting around that law of biochemistry.

oh, and i don’t believe you have an “enviable” boyfriend. you are either lying about that or deliberately misconstruing the meaning of “enviable” to assuage your ego. to clear the air, answer the following questions about your BF:

how tall is he?
how much does he weigh?
does he have all his hair?
do other women check him out when you are out with him on the town?
what is his occupation?
does he have an arrest record?
what is his level of education?
does he watch nascar regularly?
how much money does he make?
is he, or has he ever been, a drunk, gambling addict or drug addict?
is he, or has he ever been, in debt?
what happened to his last relationship?
what did his ex-girlfriends look like while he was dating them?
does he talk about his exes a lot?
when did he lose his virginity?
how long have you been together?
how many gifts has he bought you?
how often does he want to have sex with you?
has he ever fucked you with the lights on or during the daytime?
has he ever fucked you two or more times in a row?
does he go down on you?
on average, how long does he fuck you?
is he always asking you for blowjobs?
do you frequently catch him looking at other women?
has he ever called you another woman’s name?
does he watch a lot of porn?
is this porn featuring slender girls, or fat tonka truck girls?

that’ll do for now.

ps: if you think at your grotesque size you aren’t suffering a hit to your attractiveness to 99.99% of men, think again. men are pretty uniform in what they desire in women’s looks. if you have found a genuine fatty fucker, then count your blessings, because the number of weirdo fetish men who like fucking women of size are FAR fewer than the number of fatsos available for them to fuck.

Roosh appreciated the ownage. On second reading, I am inclined to agree.

So what does this have to do with “Shove me, slap me, but don’t ever say you’ll leave me” theme week?
It’s this: Overeating is self-abuse. Except food won’t give you hot sex.
Unless your name is Keith and you stare longingly at butternut squash.

In his perfect world, shame is once again restored to its rightful place as a powerful motivator of human behavior. SWPLers hate shame. Probably because they hate things that make them feel bad but have the effrontery to work.


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