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“Wait, just let me grab my phone.”

She leaned over my lap, arching her back so her round ass was sticking up in the air. Her jeans were skin tight. “That’s a funny ringtone you’ve got.”

She looked back at me coyly, holding her phone loosely in one hand. “What do you think?”

“Of what?”

“This.” She wiggled her rump. “You like my ass?”

“It’s juicy.” I rested my hand on one cheek, proud of myself that I didn’t have to lie about the quality of her ass.

“MMmmm. Would you like to spank me?”

I gave her a playful spank, making sure to hit both cheeks at once. spank.

“Oh, yeees.” Her eyes were closed. “Hi, Mom…. no, I’m fine… I’m at Amanda’s. Yes, Amanda’s… YES! Yeah.”

“You’re talking to your Mom?!”

“Bye!” Her ass scooted up a little more. “She’s always so worried about me. Spank me again?”


“MMmmmMMMmmm… uh huhh agaaaain…”

spank spank spank.

“Woooo. Do you like hitting my ass?”

“It’s acceptable.” SPANK. SPANK.

“Oh wow, that feels good. I like it when you hit me harder.” Her hips were grinding mechanically. “Keep going. Hit as hard as you like.”

I hauled off on her ass. SPANK… SPANK!

“MM MM MM!” Humid warmth radiated from her crotch. “Harder harder please please please.”

“Did I say you could talk?” I was throwing myself into the absurd unfolding scene. “I’ll be the judge of how hard I hit you.”

“Yes, siiiir!” she chirped. She was considerably younger than me.

Spank spank spank spank. Her phone rang again.

“Hi… yeah, I’m OK…” She spoke more words into the phone. “Okaaaay… *sigh*… I’ll call you later.”

“Your Mom?”

“No, my brother. He’s just checking up on me.” She smiled wistfully. “I love them so much.”

A stimulus package of sadistic contempt surged through my veins. I really wanted to inflict pain on this chick. “That’s… sweet.” I stretched my arm behind my head like a pitcher preparing to throw a fastball and sent it hurtling, open-palmed, as fast and as hard as I could into her fleshy bottom.


“Unghnuu.. uh huhhhh…. oh god….” Did she just come? “Do you want to use something on me?”


“Oh oh oh oh… my god… leave a mark.”

“Get off.” I pushed her off my lap and walked into the kitchen to retrieve a big metal spoon. From my bedroom her phone rang with its annoyingly quirky ringtone.

“*words words words*… yes, Mom, I promise… Ok, everything is FINE. OK! I love you too. Bye.”

I walked into my bedroom. She was naked on my bed, on all fours, her ass turned toward me. She looked over her shoulder at me. “I’m waiting.”

“Your Mom again??”

“Oh… yeah. She calls, like, 15 times a night. She doesn’t trust me.” She started drawing invisible figure eights in the air with her arched buttocks.

“15 times? Does she know you’re here?”

“HA! No way, I told her I’m at a friend’s. Come here. I want more spankings.”

I revealed the metal spoon I had been hiding behind my back.

“Oh oh that’s really going to hurt isn’t it?” She didn’t sound afraid.


“OWW, fuck.”

THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK. I tossed the spoon and resumed hitting her with my hand. SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK…………….. WHACK! Beads of sweat formed on my forehead. I was giving it everything I had. The sadism was strong in me.

“Oooh shiiiit… gguuuuhhhhh….” Her legs quivered. I could see red marks on both cheeks, even through the dark of the room and the light brown color of her skin. Her labia glistened with pussy juice. I looked at my palm and saw it was moist.

*ring ring ring*

“Wow, your phone… again.” It was her Mom. I spanked her while she reassured her Mom once more that she was at Amanda’s. There was no doubt in my mind her Mom heard the crack of my palm against her daughter’s exposed butt cheeks. She did nothing to stop me.

“Yes, Mom.”


“Ok, Mom, I know.”


“I love you too.”




“Give it to me!” I positioned my cock (I had slipped a rubber on while spanking her) at the entrance of her hole and teased the lips apart with the tip. “I’m scared. Go easy, please. Please.” Scared? I wondered to myself if she was a virgin. No way. Way?

I pounded her from behind so hard, so violently, that I knocked her halfway off the bed. Her head and shoulders were dangling over the side. With each mighty reverberating thrust her head banged against the floor. Cataclysmic release.

*ring ring ring*

“You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me.” It had been ten minutes since the last call.

“Hiii. No I’m fiiiine. Seriously. Everything’s OK. OK ok ok. YES, I will let you know. Alright! Don’t upset Mom. Thanks. Ok Bye.”

“Lemme guess. Brother again?”

“I have to go.”


“My brother has, like, this special GPS thing on his phone. He can track where I am by my phone.”

“I see.”

“He probably already knows where I’m at right now.”

“Um. Yeah. Interesting.”

“I should go. He could be on his way here.”

“Fantastic. Are you for real?”

“I don’t know for sure, but he could be coming here.”

“Well then, let’s get you out of here. Metro is straight down Calvert. Go two lights. You could try a cab, too.”

“Sooorrrry… oh god, I can’t find my shoe.”

“It’s here.” I tossed her the black stiletto. “Hey, I’ve got one question.”

“What?” She smiled earnestly at me.

“What does your Dad do for a living?”

“He’s a physician.”

“Huh, a doctor.”

“Well, a physician.”

“And your Mom?”

“She’s a physician too.”

“Nice. Do you have a pillow on your bed that says ‘The princess sleeps here’?”

“Ha ha! I should!”

As she walked out my door, her ridiculous quirky ringtone pierced the air. “Hi, Mom……..”

I deleted her number in the morning.


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