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The Whiplash President

Trump recently fired Scandicuck DHS secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, because the border had become a slip n’ slide for hundreds of thousands of Central Americans under her watch. Even the enemy media noticed and had to act as if they didn’t report just a few weeks ago that there wasn’t a national emergency at the border.

Trump also did a 180 on legal immigration, recently stating that America “was full” and didn’t need more immigrants, contradicting the enthusiasm for legal immigration he displayed in his SOTU address.

Word has it Stephen Miller (PBU that most righteous and based of specials) is taking over all immigration related policy matters in Trump’s administration.

What gives? Is this more hot air from Trump? Did he get a fright from internal polling? Is he an amnesiac? Is he too lazy to remember his policy proposals from one week to the next and just wants to ride a wave of feelz on whatever banal thought enters his mind? Did Ivanka go on vacation? Did Jared? Did the maturing Barron give his dad a suddenly judgmental gaze and a warning about his legacy? Did Melania finally stop crying over separated beanlets and show Donald the sharp edge of her Outer Hajnal soul?

Did Trump catch an earful from…us? Does vanity preclude me from wondering if dissidents to the prevailing orthodoxy, threatening to abandon Trump for his MAGA betrayals, pulled President Trump back to the essence of Campaign Trump?

Last week, I lamented the impending demise of the Trump Presidency, but just like a crazy hot slut who knows when to offer up the golden pussy right at the moment you’re about to bolt, Trump pulls me back in with a reaffirmation of his devotion to immigration restriction.

It could be Lucy and the football, but this is still better than a president thecunt, from whom I would not even enjoy that morsel of recognition and would probably be hauled before a Ministry of Truth court by now.

Trump really should not need continual backlash from his base to do the right thing. He campaigned on a specific set of policy and government culture changes, and he sold us on those campaign promises. He didn’t need to keep selling us on them, and he didn’t need to keep hearing from us about what we wanted from him. The deal was sealed when we elected him president, under the assumption that he would proceed to work on our behalf and fulfill his campaign pledges without requiring a daily permission slip from us, and without reneging on his end of the deal before lurching back to honoring it.

Maybe Trump likes to test the loyalty of his base by frustrating his supporters to gauge the intensity of their commitment to MAGA. If so, that’s sadistic. And narcissistic. These aren’t necessarily bad traits IF THEY ARE DIRECTED AGAINST OUR ENEMIES INSTEAD OF US.

So we’ll see which Trump we get this week. And next week. And the week after that. But the clock is ticking. It’s all fun and games until time runs out.



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