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All MAGA Hat And No Battle


The absolutely WORST plan of action a rebel leader like Trump could pursue is TALK BIG, ACT SMALL (or not at all).

The big talk energizes both his enemies and allies.

But the constant retreats from action only energize his enemies and demoralize his allies.

We are getting the worst of both worlds.

Amon Ra says he knew the moment MAGA was DOA,

The various arguments here on whether Trump was lying from the beginning, a Trojan horse, or co-opted later, through threats to his family or of jail time, are missing the point and unnecessarily complex, so lets simplify as Trump gave you the answer before he even won.

” At a meeting with the New York Times on Tuesday, Trump said he is not taking an investigation into Clinton off the table, but that he “doesn’t want to hurt the Clintons” and that he is “not looking to go back and go through this.”

Once those few words were spoken, I subconsciously knew it was game over, although, I kept denying reality to myself for awhile afterwards. This was before Mueller, before the election, before resistance from the Republicans and congress. So logically we are left with two options:

1) He’s a Trojan horse always working for the ((( other ))).
2) He was already co-opted at that point through whatever means.

Its that simple gentlemen.

Or maybe he just didn’t have the heart for that kind of fight, which would explain why he doesn’t have the heart for a real nationalist populist MAGA fight. His heart belongs to Boomercon staples like low taxes and inviting more invaders to enrich the wallets of the 1%.

Anyhow, I remember that quote from Trump. In hindsight, that was way more ominous than it seemed at the time.

PS A based, nativist, populist upstart right-winger could primary Trump in 2020, capitalizing on the oaf’s constant retreats from MAGA. Tucker, you reading?


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