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Lichthof reminisces,

I grew up in a 100% white nation.
We had a peaceful idyllic childhood.
No racism, no non whites, no ‘careful what you say’, no white guilt, no affirmation action, no freedom of speech issues…little crime.
Aged 10 in the summers we would be out on bikes from 10am to 10pm.
Women seemed happy too. Raising families, spending the days with other housewives.
My parents would have been married 51 years this year if my Dad was still here.
All their neighbors have been married the same.
Different universe to today.

I recall someone explaining that the goal of Globohomo is to get us to forget that there ever was a beatific, brightly White America. If we are slowly indoctrinated by agitprop and the grind of daily immersion in globalist miseries to the idea that Lichthof’s paradise was a myth and not the reality of just two generations ago…that our present dystopia “was always thus”…then we won’t have any sense of loss of a time and culture that was so much better than the Diversitopia under which we currently labor.

If we don’t feel the loss of something good, then we won’t fight to get it back. If we believe that something so good never existed, or was exaggerated to mythological status by “racists”, then we’ll believe it’s impossible to bring back that goodness. It’s a bigger psychological hurdle to create a reality from a fantasy than it is to recapture a fading reality stitched together and kept alive by still fresh memories.

Hold fast to those memories of day-long bike rides that continued on into the warm summer nights…carefree, exuberant, happy, accompanied by a chorus of crickets and a dazzling firmament. Smiling housewives and proud fathers. Cheerful neighbors. Muted yellow glows from outdoor garage lights that welcomed you home to unworried parents. A backyard of soft damp grass you could sit on for hours, staring at the sky, and never having to glance around for signs of danger.

If you remember, you fight harder to preserve what made those memories.

If you forget, you accept the gloom into your life, and into the lives of those who follow you.


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