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I have argued, forcefully, against online dating as anything more than a hobbyist supplement to meat space seduction.

Online dating is a parched desert of beta male thirst and ego-stroked plain janes. Strike one.

Online dating weaponizes female hypergamy, where 80/20 (less generously, 90/10) is the law of the land. Strike two.

Online dating emphasizes crude male SMV metrics such as height, at the expense of equally enticing male SMV criteria such as charm, body language, and social dominance. Strike three.

Online dating in the Current Year selects for BPD women and coalburners, who can be good pump and dump material but not viable LTR candidates. You’re out!

Play around with online dating, but don’t lean on it to fill your pussy platter.

Don’t expect much, especially now, because online dating is converged and The Woke are turning it into a hypergamous funhouse where men have no leverage and women enjoy all the benefits. To wit, Tinder is adding height verification for men.*

I’m sure female weight, age, and N count verifications will be added soon. /rhetorical

Online dating is only going to get worse for men. My advice to men is to get off your phones and hit the streets, bars, clubs, etc. Old school is coming back.

Doug gives the best advice for under-90th percentile men who insist on squeezing the last bit of sour juice from the online dating lemon rind,

Just lie and turn on the charm when you meet.

Men can get away with blatant, easily exposed lies, because they have the possibility of winning women over with their confidence and jerk na sais quoi. A man who lied up about his height online can expertly reframe the initial meat space awkwardness and win the girl over, but a girl who lied down about her weight will never reframe a man’s turtling cock into a boner for her.

I’ll leave this post with a fantastic comment on this topic, by J. Y.,

Only 13% of men are 6′ tall or greater.  And in online dating sites, men under 6′ tall are LITERALLY invisible to women, because nearly all women use selection criteria that excludes 87% of men.

This means online dating is a waste of time, money, effort etc for any man under 6′ tall unless he’s on a millionaire dating site.

Therefore, with the notable exception of the one dating site I support, men under 6′ tall and with a net worth under $1M should ABANDON dating sites altogether.

However, @AnonymousFred514 brought up an important addendum: being over 6′ tall and therefore at least *visible* to women on dating sites does NOT mean you will be treated with basic human decency, or even meet women suitable for relationships.

So this brings me to my point.  Men need to develop themselves to be their best and approach women IN PERSON.

I know this is not easy and I know rejection will happen — but it is the only way.  And it WORKS.   It has worked for thousands of years.

Don’t cringe at the word “develop.”  The only reason we still exist is because for thousands of years men just being what they naturally were … WORKED.  A LOT of this “development” is really UNlearning bullshit, propaganda and brainwashing.

Yes, by all means, drop extra lard, don’t run up debts, get regular physical exercise and stop swilling garbage.  Reorient from consumerism to self-sufficiency and a future orientation.   Dress decently (not metrosexually) — clean clothes that fit properly.  But these were in fact the natural state of things not long ago.  Once you make the transition, maintaining that will be easy.

I’m one of the Amorati — a graduate of the Ars Amorata program, during which you literally approach over 100 women as part of your training.  (You can get an overview in the book “The Alabaster Girl.”)

I’m not here to shill for that particular program.   Read @rooshv (Game, Lady), read @Heartiste , even read Simon Sheppard (heretical.com) or Athol Kay (married man sex life primer) and wrap your mind around the essentials of male-female interaction and UNLEARN all the bullshit and lies you’ve been taught about “what women want.”

A woman wants a man.  Anything else is a deliberate perversion of her desires by artificial means.  But at her core, her instinct is to want a man who is masculine.

And the KEY to bypassing tons of garbage is for you, as a man, to BE what nature made you to be, and to stand right in front of a woman, hold her gaze, and invite her to join you.

“Develop yourself as a man” is another way to say “Game”.

Oh sure, there’s more. If you can swing a splitter and chop wood for five hours, you’re more mentally, physically, and yes emotionally developed than 90% of American men.

But there’s nothing quite like the ROI of Game.

De-betafication will be the story of the 21st Century, which is another way to say (cribbing PA), Identity, not Ideology, is the future. Men need to reacquaint themselves with their long-dormant masculine identity.

*Possibly this is an April Fools’ joke by Tinder, but the advice stands. All trends are pointing toward online dating becoming less useful to men.


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