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Meeting a girl in a bar is considered quaint in the age of online dating. There’s a nostalgic and even rebellious quality to it now, as if you and her are subverting the dominant digital culture in a desperate act of Philistine defiance.

Bar girls get a bad rap, some of it deserved, most of it not, but the bar girl is elevated in stature compared to the damaged goods that swarm the vast thirst expanse of online dating. Now it’s fair to say that a girl willing to go out to a bar and meet men in person and risk the possible social awkwardness and judgment that entails — when most girls log on to have their id-clits diddled in a sanitized small screen environment under their complete control — is the kind of nonconformist girl who’s demonstrating real depth of character and a willingness to be vulnerable in an age when vulnerability before men is a capital crime.

The bar girl is the new church girl.

Deter Naturalist comments,

We’re screwed if the only place to find women is bars, clubs and workplaces. I admit to absolute zero experience in the “dating market” such as it is, but if a man actually would like to find a woman with whom to share this life, all observation informs me that fishing in a bar, lounge or club is akin to fishing in a septic tank. Neither bar nor cesspool has even carp to hook.

Maybe I’m always missing the point. Maybe the West is already a headless chicken running and all that matters is a man getting his pole greased. But from my perspective, if my descendants have a 0.00001% chance of avoiding a descent-of-Man retrogression from tall/blond/blue-eyed to short/black/brown prehistory, the boys and girls better develop a venue to find actual MATES (neither of whom are short/black/brown) and do so before the communicable disease called Popular Culture causes them all to ruin themselves with embedded memories.

I guess it’s time to start a real church, or prepare to do so when the Poz Police fall apart enough to stop murdering any such in its infancy.

Retrogression to the bleak.

Deter has a point. The duty of any Chad should be first and foremost to #resist the retrogression himself, then to convince his women to resist it for their own good.

The (theoretical) downside of bars in the coming majority-minority Blight America is that they are liable to be filled with Retrogressives who by sheer force of number will drag some part of evolved America into prehistory. Their very presence in public mate markets can alter the pH balance of eons of evolutionary courtship preferences of the Transcended, and poison relations between the advanced sexes.

But that is a warning for a problem that has been, so far, self-correcting. Bars are the last frontier of de facto segregation. The Eloi have their bars, and the Morlocks theirs, and everyone knows which are which. The few mixed bars are notable, and people who go there are of a particular type. Easy enough to avoid them if retrogression is on your mind.

It’s been remarked that the most important job of parents is peer group oversight. That is, parents have the biggest influence over kids’ futures by locating the family in a neighborhood with well-mannered peers who would make good friends to their kids.

Likewise, men should join solid, respectable social circles with the kinds of friends who will take them to the…culturally compatible…bars and other meeting places where the Ascent-of-Man women go.

Instead of asking kids “what do you want to be when you grow up?” perhaps we might as them, before puberty nudges them toward deal-breaker behavior, what kind of life they wish to lead? Selling kids on the “common life” early, rather than waiting for the girls to be ruined by Pop Cult and the boys to learn to orbit them, might make more sense than waiting until the girls have Done Dallas and the boys think wearing pussy hats will land them a wife-to-be-mother worth having.

That’s a pretty good paragraph with a gem of advice for parents worried about the baneful influence of the Poz.

PA adds,

I’ve been out of the dating market for a decade and a half but going by observation, the scene is not good. My office is in a premium nightlife district and the revelers come out on Thursday and Friday evenings. The average early-twenties girl, if she’s not otherwise an upper class superficially assimilated brown or yellow, is a 5. As someone observed, the guys don’t even look for a pretty face any more; her merely not-being-chunky lights up everyone’s radar.

On the other hand, girls in middle school and high school are no different than they were three decades ago, across all (White) social classes. Too young for the single adult man to go after, but that’s where a teenage boy has to stake his claim: until we again have the social structures for healthy pairing and marriage, the 17-year-old boy is best advised to knock up and wed his high school girlfriend if he has a good one, and have both sets of parents help financially.

— avoiding a descent-of-Man retrogression from tall/blond/blue-eyed to short/black/brown prehistory

Preventing that retrogression is the material purpose of man on this Earth.

You had ONE job…


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