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I can’t stand checking in with enemy propaganda anymore, so I only caught bits and pieces of the story that Congress got on a soapbox recently to self-righteously and ritualistically denounce the phantom existential threat of “White nationalism”. (“Racist” and “White soopremacy” must have lost some effectiveness in focus group polling.)

And by “Congress”, I mean three specials, three schw@rtzes, and one saracen.

Here’s the “House Judiciary committee” criminalizing self-determination and sovereignty (aka Nationalism) for White People:

* 3 Jews
* 1 Arab
* 3 Blacks

It’s a farce.

— GTO Judge (@V8POW) April 9, 2019

This wasn’t just empty grandstanding, either, that we could laugh off. This was a House Judiciary hearing on “hate crimes” (not a thing) and “White nationalism” (not a thing as misidentified by the media), which is basically table setting a near future in which White Americans are denied their free speech right, while nonWhites may continue to speak freely about their own tribal interests as well as the danger posed by Whites speaking freely.

It’s as if Elite Trash are *trying* to spark a Civil War 2.

Despite the real oppression against insufficiently submissive White Americans by those with a knapsack of POC Privilege, our People are rejecting the Hate Whitey agitprop in growing numbers. A revolution is forming right under the noses of the degenerate tyrants who deign to rule over us.

We have taken note of the rank hypocrisy of the Tyrant Trash, and are storing it to memory.

We have put the oligarchs, the bureaucrats, the “resistance”, the propagandists, the plutocrats, and the freak parade on notice: If you persist in denying us our equal rights under the law, if you insist that we are the devil incarnate, and if you DARE criminalize our thoughts and speech while our enemies are free to slander us ad nauseam…then prepare to lose control of the beast you created.

Meanwhile, where is Trump to defend his core supporters — Heritage Americans — from flagrant attacks on their civil rights by despots who hate them and hate Trump with a murderous fury?

What’s completely unacceptable is that white people (your core voting base) are being targeted by a Judiciary Committee and defamed and demeaned in front of Congress. Meanwhile, you’re writing your 500th tweet about a Muslim Congresswoman’s “antisemitism.”

— Rural American (@MiaVendetta110) April 9, 2019

Sad! Maybe Trump is ruing the day he agreed to give his daughter away to an antagonistic tribe to seal an uneasy alliance for mutual profitability. If he isn’t ruing that day, he should be. The central node of his matrix of weakness sits squarely in the heart of daddy’s little girl.

So now I wonder, given how close we are to a real and true Tyranny of the Tribals unfolding very rapidly in America, in which you and I will be lucky to suffer social ostracism instead of the impoverishment and imprisonment that is hurtling toward us, how much longer the Hate Whitey Hysteria will carry on, and if it will, in fact, ever end in anything remotely like a whimper rather than a bang?

As of now, I don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I only see this Train of Inclusion heading full speed to terminal impact with the Civilizational Wall.


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