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Decimus quips,

“Let’s ordain women and gays. How bad can it be?”

…a few years later…

That’s a woman? Good lord.


Baxter comments on the psychology of The Fuggernaut,

I once remarked in a comment ‘America is still a country where a man can find a niche for himself and live a happy, rewarding life, but you have to learn to distance your self from the daily distractions of a society in terminal decline.

I was wrong. Disconnecting from society led me into a sort of debonair nihilism. I mention this because I think it may be a defect inherent in the character of the liberal progressive. The culture of the globohomo, diversity, multiculturalism, feminism, queer rights, mass immigration-is not a natural culture. It was born and grew being attached to a stronger, natural host.

I think the left is made up of people who never felt a part of the greater society, they carry a hostility born of rejection. Perhaps. I on the other did grow up in a society I felt a part of, and separating from it (to save myself) felt unnatural and fatalistic.

I still haven’t resolved this conflict ‘be in the world but not of it” as J.C. said.
At any rate, this woman is going to taken out someday, by non Swedes who don’t give a damn about her ‘values.’

The modren Left is Revenge of the Nerds writ large, and in charge. They are taking a battering ram to normal, healthy, White society because they want dead what they could never convince to love them.


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