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Commenter “map” thinks the latest left-wing phenom is a Deep State Stooge,

It is truly astonishing what an obvious deep state stooge Buttigieg is. First, there is the obviously complicated last name that can be salaciously mispronounced. Remember John Boner? Second, there is the avant-garde paraphilia lifestyle: an openly-gay, yet devout Christian. Notwithstanding the fact that Christianity has a lot more to say about sex than homosexuality, this naked attempt to combine two hostile Houses is blatantly offensive. Third, there is the military background. Of course, it’s not “real” military. It’s Naval intelligence. Picture presidential candidate Egg McMuffin posing, squinting in the hot Iraqi sunlight, white as a sheet, with his pristine, never-fired M4 and clean clothing.

Fourth, there is the Harvard education. Great. Another one. I am sure he knows many secret handshakes. Fifth, there is the seven languages. Gee, does he play the piano as well? I like how modern liberals rattle off the educational credentials of a 19th century girls’ finishing school. Is there another candidate out of Vanity Fair waiting in the wings? Well, at least he will be able to communicate directly with his foreign handlers or quickly go native in some other country’s bathhouse.

Finally, there is that face, that punchable face: Backpfeifengesicht

LOL, great comment.

I’ve noticed gheyhomersexuals like Pete Bottomgay have a bug up their asses about Mike Pence. I have never heard Pence say anything about gays during his entire tenure as Trump’s VP, yet gays can’t stop thinking about this guy and something he said about gay conversion, likely taken out of context, years ago.

Yep, just what the Democreep Party needs in the Age of Realignment: another fastidious, effete, snarky citizen of the world who really connects to the rootless cosmopolitan White urbanite class.


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