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This is not a joke. It’s a comic book by the very special Bryan Caplan and Zach Weinersmith. (A parodist of Clown World couldn’t make up names that juicy.)

You ever notice in the fever swamps of border denialist fantasies how all the Dirt Worlders plopping onto America’s shores are these awestruck, wide-eyed, open-mouthed, child-like newcomers full of wonder, good will, and innocence? Nary a machete-wielder nor nepotistic throwback in the bunch. Just a sea of eyebrows arched to their highest, indicating an eager willingness to be absorbed by Globoschlomo and serve as the well-behaved props to Whites’ virtue sniveling.

This is how the typical shitlib sees the world: teeming with adult children who will by their presence here reinvigorate the shitlib’s flagging social (and sexual) life with their wonderment and neediness. Shitlib ennui and urge for psychosexual novelty is dispelled in one swoop by the arrival of a migrant caravan filled to brimming with the swarth version of this:

To the Bryan Caplans of the disintegrating USA, the infantilized invaders are part vibrator for their swollen egos and part inverted psychological projection of how caplanites prefer to see their own tribe, reflected onto equally corrosive tribes.

They want to remake America into a giant Gloryhole Face, achieving perfect submission to the penetrating cock of the aPOCalypse and, of course, to their own rule.

Anonymous[270] attacks the thermal exhaust port of caplanism:

This is a racial composition of the block on which Bryan lives in a rather expensive house (data from http://www.justicemap.org):

White 70.7%
Asian 17.8%
Black 3.4%
Hispanic 4.0%
Multi-Racial 6.9%
American Indian 0%
Islander 0%

Is anyone surprised?

It’s all just so goddamned tiresome. The lies, the manipulation, the self-regard, the sophistry, the slandering of better men….an endless sludge of levantine bullshit. Via bored identity,

Alfa158 wonders, with squinted, skeptical eyes,

They are all having a wonderful time right now; in the driver’s seat, fully in control, pedal to the metal, whizzing along at 100mph and still accelerating, running over their racial enemies like ducklings caught in the road. There are only a handful of them who realize what their joy ride is going to lead to in the future after their policies have destroyed the former US. Ilhan Omar and her ilk are just the first bump in the road. Sooner or later they will be coming up on a curve at 200mph, gently apply the brakes, and the pedal will go to the floor.
They’ll blame us for the crash.

AnotherDad closes out this post,

Various commenters complain when i mention the “J” word, but when it’s relevant it’s relevant.

I’m ready to buy that Bryan Caplan is a true autistic with no feeling for actual peoples and cultures and human life, and so actually sees people and nations as arbitrary fungible entities.

Still, there simply is no actual libertarian case for Open Borders. Open borders is not libertarian, but would be the most massive socialist project ever, stealing from some people to give stuff to other people. It’s classic a “tragedy of the commons” paradigm which libertarians all at least pretend to understand and use to argue for privatization.

An actual libertarian immigration model would be tradeable citizenship and/or a community selling citizenship. I.e. people who currently generate positive externalities would be free to realize those benefits, and people of quality who likely would generate positive externalities somewhere else are free to negotiate the best possible terms to do so. I.e. individuals get to realize the benefits–or incur the costs–associated with living around them. (The same way companies only make job offers to some people and don’t offer everyone the same wage.)

That is actual libertarianism, and it’s not the least bit difficult to grasp, and it flows right out of the sorts of models the libertarians build. But when it comes to immigration …. Caplan hates it.

I can only conclude that Caplan simply hates the white gentiles being allow to go off and do anything–including building nice nations–for themselves. It just … gets under his skin.

I see what AnotherDad did there.

PS Zach Weinersmith’s wife is a professor at Rice University, studying….wait for it…..

I study how host behavior influences risk of infection with parasites, and how parasites subsequently change host behavior and correlations between host phenotypic traits. I’m particularly interested in parasites that manipulate the phenotype of their hosts to increase the parasite’s likelihood of transmission.

From a paper co-authored by her,

Insidious wasps get ahead by tunneling through host’s head


“Rice researchers nicknamed it the “crypt-keeper” wasp and said it’s a rare example of hypermanipulation, in which a parasite is manipulated by another parasite.

“E. set and its gory emergence are described in two papers led by Rice evolutionary biologists Kelly Weinersmith and Scott Egan.”


Clown World is subconsciously desperate to be slapped down. Evidence for this comes from the warning flares constantly fired into the public domain, lighting up the night sky with a barrage of conspicuous and usually hilarious reminders of its malevolent presence.


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