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The first thing a woman does when she gets power that goes against the natural order is to turn against the very culture which gave her that power. https://t.co/By0QegoNAp

— Roosh (@rooshv) March 21, 2019

The very act of giving power away is a microsubmission. When men give power to their women, they give a piece of their dominance away. Women then react to this act of generosity aka submission in a very predictably womanish way — they betray their benefactor.

It is in the nature of woman to spite men who show weakness, even when that weakness directly empowers women. This is because women, deep down, don’t really want to be empowered. Empowerment is manly, and women don’t want to be manly, so women resent the men who foist empowerment on them.


Lichthof, on Jacinda Ardern, the Kiwi Prime Catlady,

Reading the NZ prime minister’s bio…all cliche
Socialist, agnostic, gay rights, pro refugee, pro abortion, her cat became a celebrity…had a [single] baby at 38….

Thankfully, given her advanced years, she is unlikely to have another child. The shitlib parents will not replace themselves.


I read an analogy from somewhere I can’t recall, that the Jacinda Ardern cuntopia is the natural consequence of prosperity and easy living. Anglo New Zealanders have had it good for a while, and voting a rabid horse-faced, virtue-sniveling cunt like Ardern into the Prime Catladyship is akin to voting for the dog catcher to be mayor of your town, just because you can and there’s no real responsibility for the mayor anyhow so you don’t have to worry about him fucking up on the job.

But then, when shit hits the fan and you’ve got a dog catcher/catlady in charge, you suddenly realize this joke figurehead is way in over her head and liable to do something stupid like censor the internet, ban books, and ban guns, while wearing a hijab to commiserate with people who hate you and your kind and are always plotting against you.

Currently, that’s what’s happening all over the West. We are ruled by petty tyrant catladies who are out of their leagues and are too fucking stupid or mule-headed to understand they are lighting the fires that will consume their nations in civil wars.


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