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Magical Memes Day

Slate is the juiciest shtetl of all media outlets.

Everyone’s catching onto the rhetorical legerdemain of shitlibs, and it’s driving the libs insane in the membrane.

It seems like with each new mass shooting the official explanation gets less plausible. We still have no motive for the Vegas shooter, according to “authorities”. Yeah, total bullshit. There’s always a motive, even if it’s a garden variety schizophrenic break with reality. The Mandalay Bay hotel was owned by a Saudi with connections to al-qaeda. Shortly after that shooting (worst in US history), a Saudi royal family faction rounded up Saudi royals and ousted them from power. Coincidence? No, not at all.

Funny how before diversity made us stronger there was less crime, better wages, affordable homes, better healthcare, rigorous education, less social angst, no issues of integration, no fixation on “racism,” more national confidence, and grooming just meant personal hygiene.


— Joyce (@JoycesWake) March 14, 2019

What they call White supremacy is really just White dignity. The dignity of a homeland. The dignity of cultural integrity. The dignity of communal pride. When they say they want to smash White supremacy it means they want to destroy your dignity as a people and humiliate you.


— Joyce (@JoycesWake) March 19, 2019

Multiculturalism is such a runaway success that we need constant strategies for race relations, forced employment practices, dozens of linguists at every public institution, millions of new homes, speech laws/prison sentences, and constant reminders that diversity is our strength


— Joyce (@JoycesWake) March 17, 2019

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