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Virtue-Sniveling Swedes


This is superb. Loads of virtue-signalling Swedes say they’d take in refugees, then make excuses when the interviewer produces a refugee looking for a house to live in. pic.twitter.com/KI83uutVVd

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Pathetic swedes. They don’t deserve my capitalization.

swede: ja we love the world’s people! don’t be a racist! bring them all here!

Shivlord: Ok, here’s one refugee who would like a home.

swede: oh my, i have to run, ikea has a sale on cuck corner stools.

Keep virtue-sniveling, swedecunts. We know you’re blowing hot air. As long as the vibrant migrants — vigrants — are in the *other* town, and the girl cut in half isn’t *your* daughter, it’s safe for you to lie about your love of diversity.

Until it isn’t.

PS A reminder that the enemy is inside the gates:


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