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Female Corruption Events

From JJG,

Just saw an average looking girl I know on Instagram. Not a celebrity or talented in any way, solid 7. Had well over 200 likes for a pic in a party dress showing some cleavage. The first step is banning all social media and regulating the internet. Facebook, cell phones, Instagram are the primary causes if the skewed sex market. Literally over 200 thirsty betas and vapid sluts giving their fawning approval for absolutely nothing.

200 likes for a plain jane showing some cleavage

This is actually the apocalypse of the average joe

There are three events in modren human history one may pinpoint as singularities of corruption of our women.

  1. the vote
  2. the Pill
  3. social media

The first Corruption Event severed woman from husband and supplanted him with the State.

The second Corruption Event severed woman from herself and supplanted her womb with careerism and cock hopping.

The third Corruption Event severed woman from reality and supplanted her humility with self-delusion and rage.

Reversing these corruption events, in full or in part, will be necessary to save America from her destiny with collapse.


PS As if Canada couldn’t get any gayer:


thordaddy comments,

No one and no collective is able to put “radical autonomy” back in the stable.

The nature of this escalating radicalism is the staunch belief in total annihilation at bodily/brain death.

If one is thinking in terms of resurrected eternal life, she can possibly get a leash on her “radical sexual autonomy.” Otherwise, perpetual self-annihilation.

Yes this gets at the core issue. Secularization is really the abandonment of belief in the afterlife, replaced with a belief in the illimitable void. This change of belief is the energy which fuels modren shitliberalism.

The ideology of the illimitable void is why, in my darker moments, I doubt America will get out of her predicament without first collapsing and allowing rebirth from the ashes.


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