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Atavator wins this week’s COTW in high-falutin’ fashion, responding to a comment I made about the disheartening spectacle of Americans willingly surrendering their privacy to a ravenous, growing Surveillance State.

CH: Millennials are the kind of people who read “1984” and say “meh, if you have nothing to hide what’s the big deal about Big Brother?”

It’s all a part of their being overindulged and treated like hothouse flowers. When parents hover over your every microsecond, it becomes impossible to develop any sense of privacy, or interiority. The elements of a true conscience — the glory of Western man — are buried beneath a thick blanket of playdates, participation trophies, ritalin, and pointless effusive praise. What’s left are not full human beings, but automata whose moral essence is shrunken to “triggerings.” Self-command, stoic virtue, self-reliance: gone. It is not an accident that a whole generation of people have been formed this way.

We can only hope that the Gen-Z kids will represent a severe backlash against this. I’m certainly trying to raise mine that way.

The dominance of extraversion at the expense of introversion is one of the less appreciated social factors contributing to national decline, particularly decline in White nations, as Whites are, racially, primarily introverted (with a healthy minority of extraverts balancing out the race — in contrast to the almost exclusively introverted asians).

The combination of coddling and encouragement to extraversion — in short, feminization and judaicization — has been lethal to Americans’ “interiority”. We can see the consequences of this malign cultural change in the demand for “safe spaces”, the thin-skinned hysteria to disagreement, the intolerance of opposing world views, the attention whoring, the psychological projection, and the utter lack of self-awareness.

There’s one word that nicely describes all of the above: chutzpah.

If you’ve lost contact with your interior self, you won’t feel its loss when the Surveillance State steals it away from you.


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