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Your Daily Globohomo

This post is part of a new series detailing all the big and little ways Globohomo invades our nations, our communities, our families, our lives, and destroys them all from within.


Motherhood is “damaging women’s mental health, study finds“.

Photo used to accompany the enemy propaganda? A lily-White mother with her White baby.

Globohomo really wants White women to extinguish their lineage.

FYI, the vast majority of these shitlib-friendly studies never replicate, and are withdrawn later, to *crickets* from the media which giddily boosted the original false claims. See, for example, the latest study to be retracted, which made the laughable on its face assertion that “homophobia” takes 12 years off gay homosexual lives (as opposed to, oh I dunno, life-shortening GRIDs, methfisting, and torn rectums).

Bad studies which support the anti-White Narrative are no problem for the media. That’s what page 26, year-late retractions are for.


Amazon has banned and memory-holed The White Nationalist Manifesto.

Corporate-State censorship and oppression of political dissidents reaches a fever pitch. Reader PA dubbed this the Reign of Anti-White Terror.


The UK has mandated a sex-education curriculum that will teach 5-year-olds about sodomy and trannies.

New sex education (i.e. sex grooming) curriculum in UK will teach 5-year-olds about sodomy and transsexuality starting next year. The government has also made it illegal to pull your child out of the grooming program. Muslim & Jewish parents are resisting. https://t.co/6zLLnrbeUS

— Roosh (@rooshv) February 25, 2019

The UK has become a buttplug republic. The US should cut ties asap.


The pestilent Globohomo swarm is spreading everywhere. A scholar defends teaching the Great Books For Men, and the Fuggernaut shouts her down and bans her from future attendance.

What happens when a scholar defends the teaching of great classical authors & traditions of Western Civilisation at the Society for Classical Studies Annual Meeting?

She is shouted down and banned from future attendance at meetings. Video embedded.https://t.co/NDJu5Cgx04

— Quillette (@Quillette) February 27, 2019

This is the inevitable result of giving power to freaks, degenerates, fugs, and deviants.


Chaimstream Media is DESPERATE to reframe the Smollett blood libel as the inscrutable action of a man suffering anxiety.

Did the pressures and anxieties of modern fame played any role in Jussie Smollett’s seemingly inexplicable behavior? https://t.co/ZKKsbTRQdV pic.twitter.com/0qkMXupAlz

— Hollywood Reporter (@THR) February 27, 2019

J.R. scoffs,

there is nothing inexplicable about his behavior

he wanted to advance his Anti-White political ideology by framing White Americans as Violent Nazis

his motivation is comically obvious, but [Special Person] Media continues to pretend it’s inexplicable: Why did this Gay Black Jew who hates White America frame White America in a Hate Hoax? Why!?!

Speaking of hate, my hate grew three sizes in 2019, and we’re only two months in.


Shortest formulation:

The truth is anti-semitism.


Chase bank denies service to conservatives.

Political dissidents are being persecuted by a Corporate-State alliance of neoliberal tyranny.

Where is Trump’s DOJ?

Where is SCOTUS?

Where are the whistleblowers and patriots embedded within who will take on Globohomo and help save America from a rapidly metastasizing leftoid totalitarianism?

What a nightmare.

In the end, the job will fall to us. No saviors for bold men.


The demonically pozzessed entity known as Corporate America has to be challenged and cut down to size, and “limited government” won’t do the job. Reaganism is dead, and it has to be if we are to get out from under the tyranny of Globohomo.

Basic argument is that the US is finished and to the extent it can be revived, it won’t be by limited government but enlightened state intervention. Have to agree.
The world we have lost: “the country’s once-rich associational & civic & religious life is declining and dissolving https://t.co/mNyKKbh6jK

— Kevin MacDonald (@TOOEdit) February 26, 2019

Of course, it’s now a race between “enlightened state intervention” and Mad Max. Our traitorous elites are pushing Mad Max on us as fast as they can.

corporate America embraces conservative slogans to keep taxes low and unions weak but otherwise seems post-patriotic and performatively woke, the “silent majority” of hardworking, pious, culturally conservative blue-collar families is now essentially defunct.”

Decline can be traced to the rise of our new elite–importing Third Worlders which destroyed community cohesion, removing social supports for working class (which, were embedded in religion a consensus sexual morality) & anti-nationalist corporations wedded to left social agenda.

It’s the worst of all worlds, and we’re soaking in it.


Ripped from a Black Mirror episode, and coming soon to America: a pervasive Big Brother Surveillance State “social credit system” that can identify you by your walk (and tailor ads on-the-fly, or arrest you for pinging a blacklist of free-thinking dissidents).

Chinese start up recognizes people by how they walk and commonly behave without even need to see your face. Accuracy is 96% pic.twitter.com/ABgPA2cik5

— Best of Aliexpress and China (@coolstuffcheap) February 26, 2019


The Fuggernaut (aka BioLeninism) is real.

Every Bolshevik-style movement over the last three-thousand years used the same tactic:

They gathered & united all of society’s undesirables, outcasts, & rejects. They formed movements out of deviants & degenerates.

Such movements have no capacity for healthy cultural growth.

— Racial Consciousness (@Nature_and_Race) February 26, 2019

The good news: All these deviants are the seed of Globohomo’s destruction.

The bad news: That is, if they don’t genocide us all first.


Our women are brainwashed, and the problem is getting worse.

Last weekend I had a casual date with a gal from my (large) church. Everything seemed to be going well: some IOIs, good teasing, etc. And then I was blindsided: “Moreso than the other women in church, I really consider myself a feminist.”

“I really consider myself a feminist” = she’ll put out on the first date. Pump and dump material.

She then proceeded to explain (paraphrasing) that she doesn’t want to waste one more day of her youth and fertility on her future husband than absolutely necessary. Dalrock’s maxim confirmed. Next!

Having read this blog for over a year, her statement wasn’t too big a surprise, but what she said next continues to bother me. She claimed that she tends to date outside the church (aka badboys) instead of the church guys, which again is no surprise to any of us. But she went on to say that she’s talked with a lot of other single women in the church about it, and they’ve all expressed that there are guys in the church they’d like to date, but basically all of them are already taken. Preselection and hypergamy confirmed.

It is a very painful pill to swallow that despite all of my work and growth as a man over these last few years, I’m still not in the “top 20%” (interestingly, about 1 in 5 men in my church social group have girlfriends who are in their 20s, which I’d imagine are the men this gal was referring to). A critical self-assessment would put me in the top third of men in this community, but apparently that still isn’t enough. “Game” is likely my weak spot, and probably the leading factor holding me back at this point.

Dalrock has posted recently about Christian marriage increasingly becoming only for the “elite”, and I clearly see that firsthand in my Christian communities. But perhaps it should be clarified to: “marriage to a Christian women in her peak fertility years is only for the elite.” Marriage prospects for the remaining 80% of men is limited to jaded mid-30s women (one of my best buddies just started dating a woman who’s 36 – over 5 years older than him). And I’ve had numerous 32+ women come onto me, or have her friends try to set her up with me. I have no desire to be with these desperate women, as I would love to have a big family and a young, attractive wife.

I guess the solution for now is to just keep on working. Keep on lifting. Keep on reading the Bible and leading my church group. Keep on improving in my hobbies. In doing so, I may very well get to the top 20%. Sadly, though, continued self-improvement is only a solution for one man, and does not solve the epidemic of Christian marriage (to youthful women) as being limited to the “elite.”

This is what happens when the Church emasculates itself. Women within the church fold proudly proclaim themselves “feminists”. And then fuck around with bad boys outside the Church.

You want to make Christianity great again? Make it High T and patriarchal again.


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