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I remember watching the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests.

I kept asking myself “Why are the protestors so Asian??” pic.twitter.com/gsxuOSQmDh

— Porter (@porter14159) January 28, 2019

One of the replies in that twatter thread,

I wonder what @jordanbpeterson thinks about these “identity politics” protests in France? He must be horrified and sickened to his very core! To think that native French are rallying around identity politics in order to free themselves from their conditions. Individualism is key.

PS (((Alice Kantor)))?


Hooey comments,

Here is an amusing thought experiment. Imagine a journey into the future for the typical white, urbanized, shitlib. Say he jumps ahead about four generations or so, to visit to his great-grandchildren. He will be shocked to see how racist they have become. He will be dismayed that the values on which he has based his life: diversity, inclusion, and tolerance, have so eroded in the moral hierarchy of his own family. The difference lies in the social situations of the present white man and the future white man. He had the luxury of egalitarian fantasies, because his education, position of (temporary, short-lived) demographic majority, and his location in a gentrified enclave have kept him far from his beloved POC. In his office at Globocorp, the only brown people he sees are the talented tenth of affirmative action hires who have passed through the disqualifying filters of natural intelligence, ambition, and academic hoop jumping. “They’re no different from me!” he assures himself with confidence. On his imaginary journey into the future, he will see that his lineage harbors no such illusions. They view his beloved diversity from the defensive position of a beleaguered, embattled minority, hated and resented. Their cities, now populated by a majority of Africans or Arabs, are afflicted by all the same chaos, dysfunction, and violence of Africa or the Middle East. Our hero will be shocked to see that his progeny have completely dispensed with the gospel of racial harmony and equality that he held so dear, for the simple reason that it is too naively dangerous for him to do so. There is a reason that open racism among whites is most prominent among Southern whites, and that is because the proportion of black populations is highest in the South. In the future, all whites will be Southern whites. Preventing this future, and sparing the delicate feelings of our poor time traveling shitlib friend, is what we work for.


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