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The Alpha Male Anomaly

Why do women in the company of alpha males act like anxious beta males? Weimar Republican explains,

I noticed that women uniformly do this beta behavior thing that mimics beta males…if they have an alpha in their midst. They even white-knight for the alpha criminal because that same desperation (fear of lost opportunity that most men experience) uniformly sets in women even more intensely (than any lonely man could possibly experience) because having an alpha is an even rarer opportunity for a woman than for an InCel having a date with a Plain Jane is (pure numbers game: alpha criminals are few, Plain Janes are ubiquitous).

Women have an even greater affinity for alpha criminal men than any man could possibly have for any woman…because he is such a refreshing anomaly. That is why women get themselves killed so predictably on exotic ‘vacations’ to ‘discover themselves’ or from ‘domestic violence’ or ‘at the club.’

They are seeking a specific (privileged, à la carte) type of sex: violent/degenerate/taboo because it gives them an invaluable dopamine-adrenaline buzz, just like a cocktail of potent alcohols/drugs will give you are variety of inebriation – women are constantly chasing that dangerous high, even long after they have ‘settled down.’ That desire never leaves them. Every woman without an alpha is effectively a dry-drunk jonesing for alpha criminal cock.

She will always forgive his thuggish misbehavior to her busybody friends and concerned family, and even fend off the white knight interlopers coming to her rescue in public (that is why you always hear about how the ‘victim’ joins the ‘brute’ to tag-team the beta interloper every single time). She instantly triangulates that previous ignominious angst with her alpha BF violently onto the beta interloper, which is why she then further channels this new pugilistic energy into passionate sex with her forgiven alpha BF the second they make it back to the car. So the beta gets an accidental assist for prompting this, much to his chagrin.

That is the difference: forgiveness…something a beta never has and never will experience because women existentially HATE beta males. They see them as a genetic threat, an invasive species, a hindrance to their reproductive strategy of mating with a violent Chad and birthing a litter of his bastard hellions.

A beta is a nuisance at best to a woman because every moment a beta is distracting a woman with his bullshit shtick is a second she cannot invest in courting an alpha. Women are time-oriented creatures that literally operate like clockwork depending on the time of the month, what age they are, and even syncing up with the hive-minded female collective at work to form a blood moon during their fertile years – their entire genetic existence hinges on timing, so they are bound to be irritable with any man they have to ‘deign’ to even acknowledge.

Women get so defensive of their ‘abusers’ (alpha lovers) that they will shield him from deadly alligators, cops etc. (the only time women cease to be dovish cowards and openly display legitimate self-sacrifice) because they are displaying the same chivalry towards perceived high-status value as a beta male/white knight/nice guy – the difference is men are attracted to this submissive, supplicating, protective-territorial (soothing) behavior, while women are rightly abhorred by this unbecoming, effeminate beta-signaling because it is deigning value and deferring status – no woman will tolerate such déclassé, unless she is slumming for a night at the club, the ghetto etc.

Women hate beta males more than the forces of Natural Selection do in gradually erasing them from the sexual ecosystem because Darwinism is not fast enough for their IRL Tinder binary minds. If a woman is not attracted to a man, she wants him to either be perpetually invisible to society, while still being a productive worker-bee/’shrapnel-collector’ (literally saw a ‘conservative’ woman refer to the male collective as that)…or she wants him to just die on the spot.

That is why the comments you read suggesting that a man kill himself, ‘leave women alone,’ ‘please do not reproduce’ etc. stemming from the tiniest disagreements online are almost exclusively from women – women have a eugenic mind even for anonymous flame wars.

They literally want beta males to disappear and die instantly. They want them to be executed for the crime of not being alpha. They want to free the violent alpha criminals from death row, and imprison the beta male goody-goodies instead. That is how women think and operate, and they never stop or discriminate because they have a one-track mind of reproductive success with the most violent kingpin.

The way that society sobered these junkie hypergamous creatures (even before their first intake) was through strict patriarchal religion. The more pious the woman…the hornier she is. She is just holding it all back and channeling it into the abstract: a faithful love of God, the ultimate alpha (in her mind).

When alpha males are in short supply and rapidly decreasing in number, the few alphas left become anomalies women will treat like kings. Women operating under these conditions of extreme alpha male scarcity will also agitate for the mass invasion of rougher men to fill their groin void.

The head-knocking, swaggering, attitudinally criminal alpha male scarcity among White men is leading to a peculiar social dysfunction: White men are becoming the nurturing, vulnerable women they want, while White women are becoming the aggressive alpha males they need. This is why the chasm between the Western sexes is wider now than it has been in historical memory. The sexual polarity has been corrupted.

The modren alpha male does not even have to be a criminal to attract a swarm of attention from women. Noncriminal alpha males are becoming such a rarity that simply projecting an attitude of devil-may-care, aloof and indifferent ZFG entitlement will ring the bells of women who, as Weimer R wrote, are biosocially primed to identify, capture, and keep that kind of man, often going so far as to supplicate like a mewling beta male to prevent his leaving her.


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