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Game Can Save Opioid Addicts

In case you didn’t already know that pharmaceutical sales is basically legal prostitution

Former stripper-turned-drug exec gave doctor lap dance while pitching painkiller, witness testifies

A witness has testified that an ex-stripper-turned-drug company executive gave a doctor a lap dance as part of a sales pitch for an addictive fentanyl spray.

Holly Brown, a former sales representative at Insys Therapeutics, said in federal court on Tuesday that her then-boss, Sunrise Lee, had been rewarding the Illinois doctor, identified as Paul Madison, who received the alleged dance for prescribing the powerful product to patients and paying him to speak at events, Reuters reported.

But according to Brown, the events weren’t educational, rather they were held at a Chicago restaurant owned by John Kapoor,

founder and ex-chairman of Insys, and were attended by friends of Madison, not clinicians.

Brown’s testimony came as part of a federal investigation into whether the conduct of painkiller manufacturers and executives contributed to the nation’s opioid epidemic. Lee, Kapoor, Michael Gurry, Richard Simon and Joseph Rowan face charges of racketeering and fraud in relation to conspiring to bribe doctors to push their powerful painkiller.

A few thoughts on Big Killer Pharma.

This Diversity-operated opioid scam skirts really close to the line of genocide. But hey, welcome to Woke America, where clannish cheating schemes, violated trust, and cavalier mass murder Are Who We Are.

Pharmagirls are whores, their pimps are drug makers, and the johns are doctors. The downscale Whites who get addicted to opioids and die young are the cost of doing business.

The crooked system works unhindered (until now) because Diversity Rools and because most doctors are beta nerds who cream their pants at the merest attention from a thot, so that’s why pharma companies load up their sales force with sexy minxes. It’s a repugnant business all around.

Which is why I say Game can save opioid addicts and even Western Civ. If more men become alpha (or at least less beta) and learned to control their thirst around hotties (which is what happens when a Game-savvy man has more sexual market options), then these glorified whores wouldn’t be able to sell their death drugs by the kiloton.

A reader adds,

Inculcating the power of male thirst regulation is the cornerstone upon which we may build this church!

The Power of Male Thirst Regulation would make an excellent title for a social science research paper.

PS OT: The Senate voted 68 to 23 to keep US troops indefinitely in Syria and Afghanistan.

Fucking useless backstabbing Globalism First cucks. Apparently, the realignment is still in its infancy.


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