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Williams Syndrome is the hyperfeminized cousin of autism. The former predisposes to excessive sympathy while the latter stunts the sympathy response. Very generally, Williams Syndrome is a disorder of TOO MUCH FEMINIZATION of the brain and autism is a disorder of too much masculinization of the brain.

While autism gets the media attention, the real threat to modern Western civilization is the cultural, biological, and, possibly, genetic expression of increasing numbers of Whites suffering from an incipient variant or precursor of Williams Syndrome.


There is very strong evidence that altruistic behavior is under genetic control. The genetic abnormality known as Williams Syndrome has been called “the pathology of overfriendliness,” and people who suffer from it are excessively trusting and sympathetic. They are somewhat retarded and easily become victims of sexual abuse. They have abnormalities in the part of the brain known as the amygdala, which is involved in reading facial expressions and assessing threats. They are perhaps the only known group of people who show no racial bias.

“The pathology of overfriendliness”….except toward less naive Whites.

It’s WilliamsWhites vs FreeWhites, and from the current vantage it appears the WilliamsWhites have the upper philtrum.

We all know how this sad story ends; there’s no need for an exegesis. The Williams West succumbs to its pathological sympathy for the Other, the Other exploits the stunning naivete and empty-headed sanctimony signaling of the natives, and the Williams West becomes the Wasteland West.

Appendix: Once the WilliamsWhites are culled from power and influence (and perhaps from their land), the remaining FreeWhites are poised to recapture the West and rebuild it to its former glory. These remnant FreeWhites will be honed by natural and social selection pressures to be the baddest badboys which swooning White chicks have ever beheld, and a torrent of tingles unleashed by the oppressive patriarchy that follows will bring them to their senses…and knees.

But before all that happens, the shitlib Left will try their damnedest to afflict as many White Westerners as they can with a form of Williams Syndrome as part of their campaign to terrorform the White West into a dystopia populated by amygdalopped Whites who show no racial bias.

Naturally, all nonWhites will get to keep their racial bias, and even exult in it, and if any White man dares object, it’s off to the amygdalopping chamber with him.


From commenter TSD (possible sock of TSW),

I looked this up and apparently only 20 to 30,000 people in United States are affected by this, and they are easily identifiable due to facial deformities.

This can’t possibly account for the general acceptance of liberalism, considering the fact that Hillary Clinton literally won the popular vote from millions of people, not 30,000.

Read the post more closely. I didn’t write millions of shitlibs have Williams Syndrome; I wrote that they have something akin to a Williams Syndrome precursor or variant, which means by studying the genetics of Williams Syndrome we can theoretically unlock the genetics of whackjob shitlibs.


A pic of a real Williams Syndrome sufferer:


tteclod draws the obvious conclusion:

“They have abnormalities in the part of the brain known as the amygdala, which is involved in reading facial expressions and assessing threats. They are perhaps the only known group of people who show no racial bias.”

…providing one more correlation between mental defect and absent racism.

Racism is normal, natural, and healthy. Antiracism is abnormal, unnatural, and self-eradicating.


From a reader,

The group of genes responsible for this also appears to be at work in explaining differences in socialization between dogs and wolves (dogs have Williams Syndrome, wolves are German).



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