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We haven’t had a reader mailbag in a while. Here we go!

Email #1: From Euroflotsam, a VERY SINCERE QUESTION.

You have said it is beta to have a vasectomy. Is it beta to wear a condom?

It is beta to wear a condom with a fatty or a fugly, but only because it is beta to have any kind of sex with a fatty or a fugly.

Less glibly, the betaness or alphaness of condom wearing is dependent on the romantic context and the life stage of the relationship.

Wearing a condom with a one night stand or a crazy stalker chick: NOT BETA

Wearing a condom with your long term girlfriend or wife: BETA

Wearing a condom with your hand. OMEGA

After a certain length of time, a man should really get to enjoy the sweet sweet romance of unobstructed pile driving. Women have contraceptive options that are less obtrusive than the rubber. She has the Pill. Or even the rhythm method. Cyclic raw dogging is actually a very dependable way to avoid pregnancy. You just need a base level of trust in a girl. I know that’s asking a lot, but sexbots are not yet past the uncanny valley.

Women are less willing to go condom-less with beta males, for subconscious Darwinian reasons. Even if they are on the Pill. The very act of naked shaft against sugar wall triggers all sorts of vulnerability algorithms in the female hindbrain, so it’s usually beta males who are asked, sometimes years-deep into relationships, to keep using the condoms. In contrast, alpha males often get to enjoy condom-less same night lays, because women limbically crave Spawndo (it’s got what wombs want), despite consciously having no plan to get pregnant at the moment.

Exception: If you suffer from premature ejaculation, condoms will help your staying power.

Bottom line:

If a girl “forgets” to remind you to put on a condom during your first night together, YOU ARE ALPHA.

If a girl never forgets to remind you to put on a condom after five years together, YOU ARE BETA

The alphaness or betaness of all other condom scenarios are subject to contextual inputs.


Email #2: From Pseudonymous McAlias, a student who is wising up quickly.

I’ll be brief. Young man, under 20, at University. Stumbled into your website after discovering RP theory in my own experiences. You write really good stuff. Ok enough ass kissing

It’s never enough.

Biggest problem I see with men in the West today is frame, but it’s not limited to sexual sphere.

Loss of frame is the big men’s issue of the day. Few are talking about this.

Everyone in Christendom or the Non-RP “Good Guy” sphere just get bitch slapped around and pretend to themselves it’s the noble thing to do.

Nobility as a substitute for confronting aggression is just rationalized cowardice.

Every single argument is set up in a predisposed frame by the higher Globohomo powers that be. And people just accept it. It works on 95+% of women, and 100% of weak-willed bitch boy men. “You’re racist,” “You’re Mysoginost,” “Why do you hate migrants,” etc.

Nobody understands the idea of rejecting the premise, they play along instead and argue within it. Even if you “win” you lose. Trump is great because he sets the premise. Same with the lady-slayer in Brazil. If you set the premise, YOU are the enemy of the people to Globohomo’s and the hive mind.

Why do people think the zombie apocalypse is a fantasy? The zombies are here, consuming immense amounts of Estrogen and Fox News and CNN, with their brains being destroyed and remolded by their collective masters. Originality and free thought is becoming novelty.

Saving the West will take multiple passes of the ultimate shit test unapologetically. And as a collective, we are failing miserably. France passed one, but can they pass the next one? Vive La Révolution

Don’t know if you get around to reading these. Thought I’d give my 2 cents.

It was a good 2 cents.

I’ve long been on record stating that the power source of leftoids, which energizes their religious intolerance, is their ability to frame the discourse (ie the Narrative), and that their thermal exhaust port is penetrated by disregarding their premises and establishing your own frame to replace their frames. When you defy the shitlib universe of false premises and begin debating them from your own rhetorical turf instead of theirs, it drives them crazy. Trump does that, and it’s why they hate him so. They have been exposed for you to deliver the killing blow.


Email #3: An anonymized girl reader confronts the implications of one scary poon commandment.

I would like this message to remain anonymous please.

My boyfriend reads you a lot! And he literally lives by your commandments. He talks about how you’re spot on with women. I don’t disagree, there’s things that I’ve read and completely agree. For some reason he still lives by “always keep two in the kitty”. These past 4 years it’s never failed that I catch him texting other females, and him sending them graphic videos. I know you’re good with telling men on how to live their life with women but I’m so confused at this point. It is because our relationship isn’t good enough, I’m not good enough, or an insecurity thing? There’s much more behind this situation I just wanted to keep it short and simple.

Hoping to hear back from you!

Sincerely, a reader!

Poon Commandment VII — “always keep two in the kitty” — is the most controversial of the Chateau commandments. Quoting it in full:

Never allow yourself to be a “kept man”. A man with options is a man without need. It builds confidence and encourages boldness with women if there is another woman, a safety net, to catch you in case you slip and risk a breakup, divorce, or a lost prospect, leading to loneliness and a grinding dry spell. A woman knows once she has slept with a man she has abdicated a measure of her power; when she has fallen in love with him she has surrendered nearly all of it. But love is ephemeral and with time she may rediscover her power and threaten to leave you. It is her final trump card. Withdrawing all her love and all her body in an instant will rend your soul if you are faced with contemplating the empty abyss alone. Knowing there is another you can turn to for affection will fortify your will and satisfy your manhood.

I’ll return to the Poon Commandment above, but first, let me allay some of your anxiety. When a man checks out other women, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s checked out of you. Men like variety, more than women do, and girlfriends don’t quite get this about men, so these girlfriends tend to interpret their boyfriends’ desire for variety as a lack of desire for them. Sometimes that’s true; oftentimes it’s not.

That said, if you’ve been with a man for four years, and he’s sending graphic vids (dick pics of himself?) to other women, there may be a problem with the relationship. I’m just throwing that out there. Odds are, he’s not just chatting with these number two kitties; he’s angling for the bangling. Or — don’t get upset, I’m just the messenger — he’s already cheating. Maybe you two have an arrangement, so this isn’t news to you. If so, you should be aware that no arrangement survives the endless chipping away at one’s self-confidence that sexual jealousy provokes.

Also, if you’re “catching” him texting other women, off guard, rather than him freely admitting he’s doing so or openly exhibiting this behavior with no regard for the consequences, then he’s hiding his sextual dalliances for a reason, and it’s not to keep his main plate — you — “in line”. He’s prepping those monkey branches for an end-of-relationship swing, to minimize his high and dry time.

If you’re “always” catching him texting other women sexually explicit come-ons, then that could mean one of three things:

  1. really sloppy track-covering
  2. this is part of his agenda to keep you anxious and in love with him
  3. he’s cheating, a lot, with many different women

As for Poon Commandment VII, it should be read more as a confidence building exercise for men, rather than a way of life that countenances constant infidelities. The purpose of PCVII is to instill the right frame of mind in a man, so that he doesn’t self-sabotage and encourage the woman in his life to dump/divorce him and realize his worst fear.

A man can be faithful and still have options that don’t require going all the way to sending dick pics. It’s more about having the right attitude with women than about fulfilling illicit desires. If he’s a flirt with other women, that may be all he needs to know that should you leave him, he can rally options to his cause almost immediately.

Finally, PCVII is advice that’s more pertinent to a man still in the early stages of dating, when it is very likely that the girl he’s seeing is also seeing other men concurrently. In that situation, a man would be a fool not to have backup plans, or to put too much faith and trust in a new girl who has yet to prove her love and loyalty to him. That’s the way of oneitis.


Email #4: Hark, the herald jerkboys sing!

I am a decade plus lurker, very infrequent commenter.

I was once a married man, then after a divorce-rape, turned to game, largely based on the esteemed wisdom contained within Le Chateau!

Now ( much like Roosh, have you seen his transformation? ) I’ve learned, grown, matured… and finally found solace in our Lord Jesus and our Heavenly Father.

No, I’m not some bible bashing freak; I simply came here to say I truly believe you’re doing the work of God. So, no matter what, do not falter. Do not doubt. NEVER stop. For many a man such as myself, have found the truth, through what you have written.

The Lord of Biomechanics works in mysterious ways. Oh, and if you think I can resist an opportunity to preen….

At this moment, Matt King is filled with mixed emotions.


Email #5: Just a quickie.

Can you send me the source for the table in that article?


Unfortunately, I lost (or never had, it’s been so long) the source for that table. Is there a reader who can help? Here’s the table:


Email #6: What about heartiste oblige?

What about noblesse oblige among naturals? Looking after another (white) guy possibly struggling to run game on a woman. Helping him out, picking him up etc. seems like something you could promote or delve into. I’m married w kids but I tried to do it for the most part. Keep up the good work.

Most naturals are in it for themselves (otherwise they wouldn’t be naturals — a studious selfishness is an alluring trait in a man). But a few will try to show the ropes to buddies. Even fewer will know what it is they’re teaching. And fewer still will have the willpower to resist banging the broads they tee up for their beta buds. The natural who is self-aware, smart enough to translate the secrets of his success for a wider audience, and can resist the temptation of stealing the kill for himself is a rare man indeed.

If you’re one of these, then do the world a favor and help Make White Men Sexy Again.


Email #7: From Lj, a question about battlecunt counter-tactics.

Would love more content on interacting with the modern battlecunt. The chicks where everything is a debate and they try to flip every move back on you.

What does the modren battlecunt love?

She loves to argue.

She loves to show off her “smarts”. (sneer quotes required)

She loves to make weak men bend to her will.

She loves to virtue signal about her gogrrl lifestyle.

She loves to “get one over” on the patriarchy.

She loves to push alpha males to the brink of losing their cool.

So….don’t give her any of that.

Don’t debate, don’t argue, don’t defend your beliefs, don’t appease.


answer with two word quips.

indulge script-flipping, frame-reorienting non sequiturs, negs, and disqualifications.

get her to prove herself to you.

be willing to walk away.

The battlecunt is ready for the battle; therefore, you will deny her the battlefield. Nothing she says matters, because you know it’s all bullshit, so act like it. Amused mastery, cocky funny, ZFG dismissiveness. These are the building blocks of a battlecunt seduction.


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