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Deep State Update

The nonprofit (ha!) Democracy Integrity Project which opened days after Trump’s inauguration with the express purpose of investigating Trumps “ties” to Russia, has Soros and GPS Fusion fingerprints all over it.

Days after Donald Trump’s inauguration, a nonprofit organization opened up shop in Washington, D.C., to continue a private investigation into the president’s possible ties to Russia.

Only a few details of the group, the Democracy Integrity Project, have trickled out over the nearly two years since its founding.

The organization’s founder, a former Senate Intelligence Committee staffer named Daniel J. Jones, hired opposition research firm Fusion GPS and dossier author Christopher Steele as part of the initiative, he told the FBI in March 2017. And it has been revealed that billionaire financier George Soros has given at least $1 million to the group and is considering giving more.

But The Daily Caller News Foundation has obtained Democracy Integrity Project’s articles of incorporation showing that a white collar defense attorney who has worked with Fusion GPS in the past and a former State Department official were also on the group’s board of directors.

Documents obtained through a public records request show that Adam Kaufmann, a partner at the firm Lewis Baach Kaufmann Middlemiss, and Dafna Hochman Rand, the former deputy assistant secretary of state in the bureau of democracy, human rights and labor, are listed along with Jones as Democracy Integrity Project board members. […]

But it is Kaufmann’s link to Democracy Integrity Project that is especially noteworthy.

The former chief investigator at the Manhattan district attorney’s office, Kaufmann has worked in the past with Fusion GPS on behalf Derwick Associates, a Venezuelan power company reportedly under investigation for bribery and money laundering.

It’s slimeballs all the way down.

Soros => GPS Fusion => Kaufmann => Steele => phony dossier => FISA => Mueller => silent coup against Trump.

FYI, Chuck Ross reported the above story. He’s been putting out fantastic stuff for the Daily Caller.

Wouldn’t it be great if Chuck wound up being the next WoodwardBernstein, exposing the story of Spygate and Deep State sedition to deligitimize Trump’s election?

More Deep State perfidy:

More: From DEUSVULT,

Think they want us distracted by FISA and FBI because of this:

FISA Judge Collyer report: Under Obama, collected surveillance of private citizens was being illegally accessed & used by “contractors.”

EIGHTY FIVE PERCENT of queries were violations.

The worst part of this slow motion coup is the feeling of impotence if you’re cursed to be woke to it. Every lever of power is pulled against Trump, and there seems to be no one within the system who has the scruples and the courage to expose these swamp creatures for what they are and what they’re doing.


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